Practice Math Equations With This DIY Ping-Pong Ball Project

Great for practicing math and fine motor skills.

We’ve found a new way to it a lot more fun to practice math. This is one of the easiest and least expensive DIY projects you can do in the classroom. With only three supplies needed, you’ll have this math center activity prepared in less than half an hour. Psst: You can use it for reading and spelling, too!


What you need


What to do

Step 1

Order a big pile of Ping-Pong balls—you really can’t have too many. We recommend ordering in bulk on Amazon to save money, but you can also find them at most local stores.

Step 2

Using your Velcro, peel and stick the dots on opposite sides of the Ping Pong balls. If you’re looking for Velcro dots, we recommend these from Amazon. Make sure you affix the dots so that when you write the numbers they align correctly.

Step 3

Write numbers 0-9 in blue and repeat to create as many number sets as you want. Place all the numbers in a large bucket or bin.

Step 4

Write the operation symbols (+, -, /, x) in red and place in a bucket. Then write several = symbols and place them in another bucket. Of course, you can modify this part to whatever works for your students. You can tweak it to focus on a specific unit or curriculum.

Step 5

Now it’s time to learn through play! You can easily turn this into a game by letting students “draw” different balls out to put together a math problem. (Example: 7 x 5 = ) Then they have to find the answer. You could even make it timed to add another element of fun!

TEACHER TIP: We asked teachers what else you could do with this concept, and they gave us great ideas. They suggested using ping-pong balls for teaching sight words or weekly spelling words. They also suggested using them to do matching!

Check out our video for the different variations of this project.




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