Girl Power! Best Podcasts for Women’s History Month

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Women’s History Month provides an excellent opportunity to explore female history makers and highlight female experts in your curriculum. Whether you are looking for Women’s History Month activities, or opportunities to incorporate more female representation all year long, this list of podcasts for women’s history month will be a great asset for your March lesson plans and beyond!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Though written in a storybook style, this diverse podcast can be used in both elementary and secondary classrooms. Each short story episode features a female history maker, told by a female history maker.

  • The episode Billie Jean King read by Jessica Valenti, a successful feminist author, is a 15-minute story of sass and suspense.
  • Frida Kahlo’s 19-minute episode is a fitting artistic portrayal of the fierce Mexican artist.
  • The episode Wangari Maathai is a 17-minute story about the founder of the Green Belt movement in Africa.
  • Aisholpan Nurgiv  is a 20-minute story about a Mongolian girl who became the first woman to enter the Golden Eagle competition—and win!

If you want more Good Night Rebel Girls suggestions, check out several Black History Month recommendations here: A Black History Month for the Books: Celebrating Black Excellence in ELA.

Overheard at National Geographic

Several of the podcasts at National Geographic feature female researchers, explorers, and scientists. Each episode is fascinating, inclusive, short, and well researched!

  • The Glass Stratosphere is a 25-minute episode that explores the women who bravely ran their own space race.
  • The Alien Underground is a 25-minute episode that follows Penny Boston, a NASA scientist and Nat Geo explorer. She goes on harrowing underground missions to retrieve crystals that may contain alien life.

Other Notable Podcasts:

These feature podcasts are great for introducing a variety of women and their accomplishments.

  • Forever Ago Podcast: This history podcast is specifically designed for children, but even as an adult, you will find it fascinating and beautifully produced. Each episode focuses on a single item and traces the history around it. For example, in the 30-minute episode “Umbrellas: The Magic Invention of the Sculptress” , Joy and her kid co-host Bella, dive into the history of umbrellas while highlighting Slawa Duldig, a female artist and inventor.
  • BBC History Extra: Hypatia: The Murdered Mathematician  : This 28-minute podcast follows Hypatia, the mathematician murdered by a mob in the learned city of Alexandria, around the year 415 CE. A story about an incredible woman who threatened others with her power.
  • Historically Black: NASA’s Human Computers  : This 19-minute important episode makes an obvious and excellent pairing for Hidden Figures.
  • The What’s Her Name podcast has lengthier episodes about “lost” women of history through female academic hosts and expert guest historians.
  • Nerdette is a female hosted podcast that “nerds out” on interesting happenings all over the world. While lots of their episodes are fitting for Women’s History Month, start with “Rad Girls Who Changed the World (21- minutes).” This episode celebrates young girls who have changed the world before age 20. Inspirational indeed!

If you have never tried podcasts in the classroom and are excited by this list, you can find more classroom podcast suggestions to use in English Class.

Also, take note! It can be helpful for students to take notes while they listen to podcasts. Here is an array of editable listening worksheets for any podcast!

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Girl Power! Best Podcasts for Women's History Month