Teaching Place Value? You’re Going To Want This Worksheet Bundle

15 pages of place value practice!

Flat lays of place value worksheets

My students don’t need any more place value practice, said no teacher ever! Place value is an absolutely foundational concept. If kids don’t get it, they’re going to struggle with addition and subtraction, regrouping, multi-digit multiplication, and the decimal system. This is definitely a situation where practice can make a big difference, so we created this mega-bundle of place value worksheets. These are best fit for second and third grades, but you can certainly use them as enrichment for younger students and as intervention for older students.

What’s included in the place value worksheets bundle?

Flat lays of place value worksheets
  • Hundreds, Tens, and Ones: Base-10 blocks are a fantastic way for students to grasp place value. For this worksheet, we’ve taken representations of the familiar blocks and asked students to write in how many hundreds, tens, and ones are in a given three-digit number.
  • Place Value Cut and Paste: Students look at a visual representation of a number, cut out the matching number, and then paste it under the correct base-10 blocks.
  • Color the Blocks: Each row has the same number of base-10 blocks. It’s the student’s job to shade in the correct number of blocks to show each number.
Flay lays of place value worksheets
  • Expanded Form: Expanded form really shows students the value of each digit in a given number. In this worksheet, they’ll practice converting to standard form.
  • Roll It, Draw It, Write It! You’ll need dice for this one! Students roll three dice to create a three-digit number. Then, they’ll draw that number using base-10 block shorthand (square for a flat, line for a rod, and dot for a unit) and expanded form.
  • What’s the Value? Given a three-digit number, students must color in the correct value of the underlined digit.
Flat lays of place value worksheets
  • Place Value Trains: This is a fun one! Each engine has a three-digit number on it. Students have to cut out the blocks on the bottom and glue them on the matching train’s cars. They’ll see each number in three different forms (words; base-10 blocks; and hundred, tens, and ones).
  • Writing Numbers: Students will take seven numbers and write them in word form.
  • Mystery Numbers: Using place value clues, students will determine the correct three-digit number. Hint: They’re not always in order (hundreds, tens, ones).
Flat lays of place value worksheets
  • Count by Fives Maze: Skip counting requires students to use place value patterns to figure out what comes next. In this maze, they count by fives and color in the path to get the school bus to school.
  • Spin to Win: A game for two, Spin to Win includes three spinners with digits 0-9 (kids just need a pencil and a paper clip to make them work). On a player’s turn, they spin each spinner once to create a three-digit number. The player with the greater number wins that round. There’s a place to total their points at the bottom.
  • Comparing Numbers: This is a straightforward practice page comparing sets of numbers using less than, greater than, and equal to.
Flat lays of place value worksheets
  • What’s in Between? Given a pair of numbers two apart, students have to figure out what number comes in between.
  • 1, 10, and 100 Less and More: We give students a starting number and they have to complete the chart. We included lots of 9s and 0s to keep them on their toes.
  • Place Value Quiz: Assess what your students learned from their practice with this six-question quiz.