17 Anchor Charts to Teach Place Value

Visual ways to bring the concept to life.

Place value anchor chart examples for teaching

Grasping place value is a crucial step in understanding more complex mathematical concepts. Large numbers can be tough to comprehend, and this concept is fundamental to making sense of future math operations. Place value anchor charts using blocks, pictures, different number forms, and class activities are all helpful ways place value can be taught.

1. Ways to Show a Number

Place Value anchor chart displaying ways to show a number

Creating a solid place value foundation starts with displaying number forms as in this anchor chart example.

Source: Teaching with a Mountain View

2. Picture Form

Place value anchor chart showing numbers in different forms

The addition of a picture form on this chart can help students visually grasp the concept.

Source: Teacher Trap

3. Practice Resource


Place value anchor chart with numbers written out to help students calculate

This chart is helpful when having students pick out which value falls under each position when completing practice problems.

Source: Teacher Trap


4. Understanding Headings

Place value understanding number headings flip chart

Work with your students to understand the number headings by choosing example numbers and having the class decide where they fit on a chart such as this.

Source: Math Kids and Chaos

5. Place Value Robot

Place value robot anchor chart

This fun robot will capture your students’ attention while mastering the concept.

Source: @teachingwithheartinmind

6. Math Vocabulary

Place value vocabulary anchor chart

Gain an understanding of math vocabulary with this chart to help your place value lesson run smoothly.

Source: Lucky Little Learners

7. Use Blocks

Teaching place value with blocks on this anchor chart

Draw blocks to help visual understanding and use in addition.

Source: Wallburg Elementary

8. Adding in Decimals

Place value anchor chart with decimals

Teach place value including decimals with this chart showing different number forms.

Source: Mrs. Schaefer

9. The Many Ways to Write a Number

Ways to write a number place value anchor chart

Different ways of writing the representations of a number, including temperature and money, allow students to relate the lesson to real-life concepts.

Source: The Brown Bag Teacher

10. What’s the Value?

What's the Value? Place value anchor chart

Work through this anchor chart with your students to understand value in different ways.

Source: Math Coach’s Corner

11. Sticky Note Activity

Place value anchor chart with sticky notes activity

Put sticky notes on your chart to interchange numbers and practice along with the class.

Source: @teaching_on_q

12. Less is More

Simple place value anchor chart

This simple chart gets the point across with fewer wordy distractions in a neat way.

Source: @createeducateinspire

13. Expanded Form to Teach Place Value

Expanded form anchor chart

Using expanded form, students can grasp the value each place holds within a larger number.

Source: ah-studio

14. House Anchor Chart

Using house to teach place value on an anchor chart

Love this cute house idea to learn numbers up to the hundreds place.

Source: Van Wert Elementary

15. Decimal Place Value

Decimals place value chart

Teach decimal place value by displaying expanded form in different ways.

Source: Pattinson Fourth Grade

16. Teaching Large Numbers

Large numbers place value anchor chart

Up to the billions, students can learn place value with this large number chart.

Source: Mrs. Martin

17. Place Value Vocabulary

Place value vocabulary anchor chart

It’s important to ensure your student understand the vocabulary you’re using throughout the lesson. Throw in your own place value vocab in addition to digit and value that are used here.

Source: The Animated Teacher

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17 Anchor Charts to Teach Place Value