15 Interactive & Fun Phonics Songs for Kids

Come on all you letters!

Phonics songs for kids!

Mastering letter sounds is a major step toward building strong reading and speaking skills. While it’s easy enough to lead your class through a round of phonics, the repetitiveness can get boring—for you and your students. Spice things up by bringing some fun music into your lessons! Don’t have time to go searching for videos and resources? No problem! We’ve put together this list of engaging phonics songs for kids to help them build a strong foundation.

Alphabet Song

Miss Patty combines letter sounds with American sign language in her alphabet song!

The ABC Song for Kids

The Kiboomers teach kids the alphabet with this ABC song featuring a picture for each letter.

Alphabet PE Exercise Song

Learn the alphabet while keeping fit with Miss Linky!

CVC Phonics Song

This video is designed to teach how to read CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words.

ABC Phonics Song


This animated phonics song was developed with speech therapists to form each letter sound correctly.

Alphabet Boogie Song

“Come on all you letters from A to Z.” What a fun way to learn phonics!

The Big Pig Song

This singalong song is from Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read. “You laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll learn words that have the letter i.”

Crazy Phonics Song

This super version of the “Chit Chat Chicken” song created by Kids vs Phonics just gets faster and faster!

Phonics Song with TWO Words

This phonics song gives kids two word examples for each letter.

Alphabet Phonics Song

“A says a, a, apple and alligator.” This catchy song will have kids singing along!

Jolly Phonics Song

The entire set of 42 letter sounds is visually shown along with songs to practice learning.

Phonics Songs for Kids

Mother Goose Club uses music and fun graphics to teach kids phonics.

Learning Letter Sounds

This phonics song teaches children the alphabet and the beginning letter sounds.

The Alphabet Song

This song by Jack Hartmann is great for teaching and learning the alphabet and phonics.

Meet the Phonics

This 41-minute video will help students learn the different sounds that letters make.

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15 Interactive & Fun Phonics Songs for Kids