10 Groovy Pete the Cat Activities Your Students Will Love

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Best Pete the Cat Activities

Do your students love the Pete the Cat series by Eric Litwin? Then, they will love these projects and lesson ideas inspired by none other than Pete himself. If you try one of these Pete the Cat activities, send us a picture at submissions@weareteachers.com. We’d love to see it!

1. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Bracelet

Pete the Cat is absolutely stylish with his four groovy buttons, and once your students make their own button bracelets, they will have the purr-fect accessory to wear. You can use red pipe cleaners, but the thick chenille yarn will work just as well.

Source: Coffee Cups and Crayons

2. Pete the Cat Costume Headband

What’s better than a Pete the Cat headband made out of construction paper? A Pete the Cat headband made out of felt! These costume headbands will be much more durable and comfortable than the paper versions. The directions call for a thread and needles, but if you are short on adult volunteers, you could swap out the needles for fabric glue.

Source: The Educators’ Spin on It

3. The I Love My School Shoes Class Book


This activity gets the class asking: Which shoes belong to which student? Grab these free printables from Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes, and you’ll have a fun book to read throughout the year. You’ll need a camera, laminating sheets, and a binder (or just the ring clips).

Source: Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes  

4. Dance Along With Pete’s Crazy Footprints

Anyone who loves Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes knows that Pete steps in a lot of messy things: strawberries, blueberries, and even mud! With all that sloshing around, there are bound to be some colorful footprints. Made from construction paper footprints and contact paper, this activity will get everyone groovin’! You could play it as a twist on Twister, or you could let your students free play and create their own games or activities.

Source: Teach Preschool 

5. Pete’s Popping Buttons

Of course, popping, bouncing buttons are fun all on their own, but you could make it into a class-wide contest: Who can bounce their button the highest? You might even be able to fit in a tiny science lesson about how springs work.

Source: Laly Mom 

6. Pete the Cat Button Math Game

This math game by Buggy and Buddy is easy to make and easy to play; you just need felt, buttons, and a die. Each student begins with a set number of buttons. When the student rolls the die, they remove that number of buttons from their shirt. The first student with a button-free shirt wins.

Source: Buggy and Buddy 

7. Pete the Cat Sequence Puzzle

Great for preK and kindergarten students, this sequence puzzle can help students learn the alphabet. Grab this free printable from Tot Schooling, glue the puzzle onto cardboard (e.g., a cereal box), and then cut into strips. Easy peasy!

Source: Tot Schooling 

8. Learn to Count with Pete’s Magic Shirt

These counting cards make for a fun activity for preK and kindergarten students. Plus, they are super easy to make: Print the cards from the website, laminate them, and then hot glue a Velcro strip on the front of each shirt.

Source: Heidi Songs 

9. Pete the Cat Graphic Organizers

Fairy Tales and Fiction provides a whole set of graphic organizers for students who are just learning to write sentences on their own. From plot worksheets to handwriting worksheets, you’re sure to find a way to bring Pete the Cat into your lessons for older elementary students.

Source: Fairy Tales and Fiction by Two 

10. Teach Your Students How to Tie Their Shoes 

Pete is all about his shoes, and this activity will help your students learn how to tie their own shoes. Tip: After you print these shoes, glue them to cardboard to make them more durable. You don’t need actual shoelaces for the activity; you can use yarn of any thickness or color.

Source: Coloring Home

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10 Groovy Pete the Cat Activities Your Students Will Love