15 Pencil Grips and Tools to Support Better Handwriting

Help your students get a grip on writing.

Pencil Grips

Messy handwriting is the bane of a lot of teachers. It can be hard to measure what kids know when you can’t read what they write. Some kids just need a little help adjusting the way they hold a pencil. Others may suffer from dysgraphia or dyspraxia, sensory processing disorders, or hand injuries or tremors. All of these kids may benefit from specialized pencil grips and other handwriting tools. Here are some of our favorites to try out.

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Mlife Pencil Grips, 10-Pack

Pencil Grips Mlife

Why We Love It: These are the most popular pencil grips on Amazon, with thousands of 5-star reviews. They fit on crayons, pencils, markers, and more.

Real Review: “I absolutely love this product! My child has Autism and really struggles with his fine motor skills. This product has worked wonders in helping him hold his pencil properly and I couldn’t be more excited about how much he’s improved since he started using this!”

Buy it: Mlife Pencil Grips, 10-Pack

Firesara Left-Handed Pencil Grips


Why We Love It: Lefties face special challenges, so these grips are made just for them. Start using them early and you’ll see real results.

Real Review: “I got these for my left-handed 5 year old. She’s been using these everyday for the past 3 weeks and the way she holds her pencil has already been corrected! I was really skeptical and thought that as soon as I take them off her pencils, she’ll just go back to the way she was holding them before, but so far, no relapsing. They really worked for my daughter!!”

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Firesara Elephant Pencil Grips

Pencil Grips Elephant

Why We Love It: The loop on the back of this grip helps kids correctly position their middle finger under the pencil. They work for righties and lefties, too.

Real Review: “My son is in 4th grade and was struggling with good penmanship. Most of his stuff you couldn’t read. Not sure how his teacher graded half his papers! We got him these pencil grips and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY!”

Buy it: Firesara Elephant Pencil Grips

JARLINK Colorful Pencil Grips

Pencil Grips Jarlink

Why We Like It: Some kids may be reluctant to use pencil grips because they don’t want to look different from other kids. This cute style feels more like a reward instead.

Real Review: “I’ve fought my daughter to write correctly since kindergarten. She’s now in 7th grade and is willing to try because of these.”

Buy it: JARLINK Colorful Pencil Grips, 8-Pack

Cimostar Ergonomic Pencil Grips

Why We Like It: As kids learn correct grip, they can switch to an aid like this one. It reinforces the proper grip but offers a little more freedom.

Real Review: “This worked out great for my students! I have several students who need help with their grip and an inexpensive way to do so. The bright colors made the kids happier to use them and they caught on quickly.”

Buy it: Cimostar Ergonomic Pencil Grips

The Pencil Grip Original Ergonomic Writing Aid

Why We Like It: This option is especially good for kids who tend to squeeze the pencil too tight or hold it too high or low on the barrel. It’s a little large, so it’s better for upper elementary kids and older.

Real Review: “I use these consistently with children who cannot form or sustain a tripod grasp (after trying other techniques). The Pencil Grip is easy to use….on each grip, an ‘R’ and ‘L’ are printed on the sides. The thumb of the writing hand goes on the side the letter is printed on. So, if you’re a righty, your thumb would go under the ‘R.’ They get a bit gummy after sustained use, as the oils from the fingers will wear down the material. But one grip should last an academic year.”

Buy it: The Pencil Grip Original Universal Writing Aid

The Pencil Grip Crossover Writing Aid

Pencil Grips Crossover

Why We Like It: This grip has “wings” to help hold fingers in the right position. The center ridge keeps fingers from crossing over to the wrong side.

Real Review: “My Kindergartner had a weird thumb wrap in her pencil grasp. She knew what a proper finger placement looked like, and could show me, but her “go to” was the weird grasp that she had developed. Just a few months of using these pencil grips, and the weird thumb thing has almost entirely gone away.”

Buy it: The Pencil Grip Crossover Writing Aid

Sayopin 19-Piece Pencil Grip Set

Why We Like It: This set is designed to improve writing grips in stages. In the early stages, the tripod grips hold fingers firmly in position. As kids improve, they step down to simpler aids. The pencil buddies add a fun touch!

Real Review: “My son has issues with attention and fine motor control. He really struggled to write. As an occupational therapist, I know finger grips can help and these improved his writing by 50%. I love the step down in support with the different types. Teacher noticed too and is also thrilled.”

Buy it: Sayopin 19-Piece Pencil Grip Set

Special Supplies Egg Pencil Grips

Why We Like It: For kids who have trouble gripping slim pencils or pens, a big cushioned aid like this can be really helpful. It’s also terrific for those who have a habit of holding the utensil so hard their hand cramps.

Real Reviews: “My son has achondroplasia. His hands are small and starfish shaped so he needed some kind of grip for his pencils. So far he’s liking his pencil grips. They’re a little big for his hands but I’m sure for an average sized child/adult it will be very comfortable.”

Buy it: Special Supplies Egg Pencil Grips

SenseAid Pencil Weights, Pack of 4

Pencil Grips Weights

Why We Like It: Weights are helpful for kids with processing disorders and sensory issues. Adding weight to the utensil makes it easier for kids to sense the motion they need to form letters correctly.

Real Review: “Bought these for my son who has ADHD, ODD, dyslexia, and SPD. Before these weights we could barely read his writing, but now what a difference! To me it looks like they help him concentrate more on what he’s writing and he seems to take his time which means less mistakes.”

Buy it: SenseAid Pencil Weights, Set of 4

SenseAid Heavy Weighted Pen

Why We Like It: Older kids who like the feel of weighted pencils will appreciate this weighted pen. The wider barrel makes it easier to hold, too.

Real Review: “Very helpful for kid with dyspraxia! Really useful to improve handwriting.”

Buy it: SenseAid Heavy Weighted Pen

Twist N Write Mechanical Pencils

Pencil Grips Twist

Why We Love It: This unique design is different from other grips on the market. Since the leads are replaceable, these pencils should last a very long time.

Real Review: “My 9 year old son has dysgraphia and he dreads writing. I dread reading it. The difference with his handwriting is night and day with these pencils. They fit well in his hand and helps make his writing more legible. We still have issues with spacing and sizing, but we can practice now. Great product!”

Buy it: Twist N Write Mechanical Pencils, 4-Pack

Really Good Stuff Spaceman Set

Why We Like It: Spacing words properly is another key part of improving handwriting. A “spaceman” helps kids measure the proper amount of distance between each word. You get 30 in a set, so you should have enough for every student.

Real Review: “My kids love these. I remember having them in the first grade so I now have them for my first grade class! I have to count them each time I pass them out so I know they’re all there.”

Buy it: Really Good Stuff Spaceman Set of 30

Starting Blocks Finger Spacer Handwriting Tools

Why We Like It: Fingers can help kids remember proper spacing… two fingers for larger writing, one for smaller. This set of translucent guides is easy to slide along as you write, keeping spacing consistent.

Real Review: “I bought these to help a couple of my kindergarten students to remember spaces between their words. It is very helpful to them for that as well as keeping them on the lines! I love them and would get them again!”

Buy it: Starting Blocks Finger Spacer Handwriting Tools

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