This Free Guide Has So Many Tips For How Kids Can Return Safely To School

And it’s all backed by science.

Sponsored By the American Psychological Association
This Free Guide Answers Your Questions About Pandemic Teaching

We have so many questions about how kids can return safely to school. Good news: a team of eight psychologists are here with suggestions. In the American Psychological Association’s Guide to Schooling and Distance Learning During COVID-19 you’ll find practical tips for navigating transitions and more. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside.

What You Get

The 12 page guide is divided into six sections, which cover:

  1. Promoting Learning
  2. Facilitating Motivation
  3. Employing Smart Behavioral Strategies
  4. Fostering Student Well-Being
  5. Using Assessment Wisely
  6. Championing Equity

Inside You’ll Find

  • Tips for keeping students on track
  • Suggestions for how to motivate students
  • Guidance on how to support students well-being

A list of ways to keep kids on track during virtual learning from the American Psychological Association.

How To Use It

  • Bookmark it or print it at so you can easily refer to it
  • Choose one topic that is most pressing for you and your students and try out a tip or two.
  • Share it at your next faculty or grade level team meeting and discuss how you can best use it.

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