10 Amazing Pac-Man Bulletin Boards for Your Classroom

Game over. You just found your next bulletin board.

10 Amazing Pac-Man Bulletin Boards for Your Classroom

While school may not always be full of fun and games, there are still plenty of ways to bring them into your classroom. Check out these great Pac-Man bulletin boards that will bring arcade-worthy whimsy to your room.

1. Because reading bulletin boards are always a good idea …

Source: The Podunk Librarian

For this literary-themed board, book covers appear in place of Pac-Man’s usual fruit snacks.

2. Because mazes are punny …

Source: Heidi Songs

Welcome the new year with a bulletin board featuring your class as the ghosts and you as (Ms.) Pac-Man. 



3. Because Post-it art is pretty amazing …

Source: Unknown

Post-it-note art is big right now. This display can be done on windows, walls, or boards.

4. Because it makes the perfect birthday wall in your classroom …

Source: Roses and Rulers

Students will have a blast looking for their birthday when it appears on Inky, Blinky, Pinky, or Clyde. Laminate the ghosts so that birthdays can be easily updated each month.

5. Because when you have the space, you have to use it …

Source: Whale of a First Grade Tale

If you have a large space to fill, this is the way to go! This game board is the perfect way to welcome students to a new year.

6. Because there’s a nod to Mario in this one …

Source: Unknown 

What a great idea for a cafeteria or gym! 

7. Because it’s a great option for Red Ribbon Week …

Photo credit: Mrs. Darnell

Red Ribbon Week is a great time for a Pac-Man-themed pun!

8. Because goals should be chased, too …

Source: Smith Angel RA

Goals and growth mindset should always be encouraged. The dots are the steps students need to go take to meet their goal, while the ghosts have been enlisted to show all the things that can cause students to falter.

9. Because this is a great idea for a countdown …

Source: Alex Duncan

While the traditional countdown is to summer, this board idea could be applied to all sorts of fun events, from winter vacation to field day to the next major exam.

10. Because this idea is easily adaptable …

Source: DrivenByNumbers

Pac-Man, with his pie-like face, is a natural for so many math and science boards. Graphing and fractions would also work well!

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10 Amazing Pac-Man Bulletin Boards for Your Classroom