Teachers Are Sharing the Nicest Things Students Have Done for Them

We’ll never forget these simple acts of kindness.

Flower from student - nicest thing students have done

Sometimes it feels like teaching is give, give, give. This job requires so much of our time, energy, money, and resources. Maybe that’s what makes acts of kindness from students especially sweet. We asked teachers to share the nicest things students have done for them, and here’s what they had to say.

They think of us on our birthdays

Warm Fuzzy - Nicest Thing

One little boy gave me a cotton ball with eyes on it (a warm fuzzy) for my birthday—the only gift I got from the entire school body, including staff. —C. Mikie M.

They offer first aid

I severely scalded my hand on the way to work at the end of November few years back. The back of my hand was badly burned. To avoid scarring, I moisturized it constantly. One kid got me a scentless, sensitive skin moisturizer for Christmas specifically saying that it was to help my hand heal and feel better. It was super sweet. —Siobhan M.

They raise money for causes important to us

I had students in my class, former classes, and in my building raise money to shave their heads to donate to my family when my son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. That was 10 years ago! My son remains cancer-free! —Jill B.

They give us flowers they picked on the way to school

Flower from student - nicest thing students have done

I was having a bad morning, and a second grader walked in first thing and gave me this. —Angela A.

They keep us well fed


One of my students found out I love Indian food and had her mother make me an incredible home-cooked meal for lunch one day. —Johnny Z.

They hand out hugs

For the last 22 years, I taught first or second grade. I got hugs every day and sometimes group hugs, too. —Patricia V.

They invite us to their weddings

Wedding invitation from student

On the wedding invitation, they wrote, “you are one of the most impactful people in my life, and I would love for you to share our special day.” I will never ever forget it. —Lori A.

They give us their junk mail—because they love us!

Years ago, when AOL first came out, a student came to school smiling broadly. She handed me a CD from AOL and said, “The commercial said to give it to someone you love!” Twenty years later, I still have that CD! —Lisa L.

They throw us baby showers

A group of my HS students from various classes and clubs that I led threw me a surprise baby shower on what turned out to be my last day teaching full time for 10 years. It was so sweet. They decorated with streamers and balloons, and there were gifts of cute baby outfits and toys. It meant so much to me. —Alicia O.

They find the perfect gift

Signed copy of To Kill a Mockingbird

A former student took the time to go to a book signing where he asked for (and received) a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird signed by Harper Lee. She was kind enough to inscribe it with my name and a lovely message. It is one of my most-treasured belongings. —Jul S.

They give us a helping hand

My foot was in a walking boot for several weeks. A four-year-old boy came to help me and held my hand all the way to my seat. He made sure I got there. It was cute. —Jill M.

Finally, they touch our lives in so many important ways

I’ve been blessed to have built so many relationships with my former students and their families. Just knowing I’ve been a small part of their lives has been more than enough. —Shawn S.

We’d love to hear—what’s the nicest thing a student has done for you? Please share in the comments.

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Teachers Are Sharing the Nicest Things Students Have Done for Them