New Year Photo Charm String Project

Set goals with this fun craft!

Celebrate the New Year by having your students construct a photo charm string!


Have students hunt for photographs, magazine images or print photos from the internet that represent what they currently like at the start of the new year. Students could even draw if they would like! (Examples: favorite sport, toy, band, hobby, etc.)
You could encourage your students to create a chain of images that represent their goals for the new year.


Build more intricate LEGO towers
Improve my foul shoots
Help walk the dog more

What to do:

Students could collect (or make) their images at home for homework. Then they bring them to school, hole punch them and string them on a piece of yarn. Then you can hang them from your ceiling in your classroom.

At the end of the year, students can compare their interests at the start of the new year to their interests at the end of the year (if you created this version).
Students can see if they reached any of their goals they made at the beginning of the new year.