7 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust a Teacher at Target

The dollar section takes you down every single time.

7 Reasons You Can't Trust a Teacher in Target

It’s not uncommon for people to walk into Target with one item on their list and then walk out with a basket full of goods. This is especially true if you are a teacher.

A teacher at Target cannot be trusted.

The store was made to lure teachers in through its sweetly priced, perfect-for-the-classroom items in the dollar area. Think about it. You have to pass the dollar area to get to the rest of the store. Maybe you only came in for laundry detergent, but suddenly you’re looking at the adorable signs, genius organizational ideas, and awesome pencils. Here’s a video showing how successful I was during a recent trip to Target. 

Now your mission for that laundry detergent has been sabotaged. And as you leave the dollar area with a partially filled cart, the rest of the store is there, ready to swallow you —and your wallet—whole. Here’s why you can’t trust a teacher at Target. 

1. Because the dollar section is begging you to come take a tour.

It’s filled with cute decor, small gifts for students, and organizational bins that will keep your classroom looking Pinterest-worthy.

2. Because that one little aisle is full of fun, unique gifts. 


Do you know which part of Target I’m talking about? Stroll down this aisle for quirky gifts that you can use in your own classroom or pass along to your teacher BFF. You’ll definitely find things that you think you need but don’t—or do you?

3. Because your classroom library will thank you for your visit to the books and media section.

You will score major cool points by stocking your shelves with fun books students will actually want to read. You really can’t trust a teacher to walk through these aisles. They will buy something. 

4. Because the stationery aisle will make you stock up on pretty cards and stickers. 

They really aren’t for you, but rather your students and colleagues. You know they that need encouragement, and Target will definitely help you deliver. 

5. Because the party supplies aisle will take your room from drab to fab for less than $5. 

Want learning to feel like a party? Cover your walls with pinwheels and tassel banners!                   

6. Because the office supplies section will have you feeling like your classroom could be on the cover of a magazine. 

Teacher’s love to organize, especially when they can do it in style. Target provides a chic alternative to organizing late papers by placing them in stacks or keeping groups of assignments that need grading together by putting rubber bands around them.                                           

7. Because the food and beverage section will have you wanting to treat yo’self.

Everyone knows chocolates cure Mondays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and …). Target lets you stock up on those and other emergency snacks for the days when you run out of the house without your lunch.

Can you relate? Come share your pain (and great tips for good Target finds) on our WeAreTeachers Chat group on Facebook.

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7 Reasons Why You Can't Trust a Teacher at Target