A Day in the Life of Teachers as Told by Cat GIFs

They get us, they REALLY get us!

Happy National Cat Day

With National Cat Day on October 29, we just couldn’t help ourselves. The finicky, funny and particular felines just get what it’s like to live the teacher life. No day is quite like the one before and we make it through when our students succeed, our teacher BFF knows just the right thing to say and we can’t help but laugh at all the little things that went wrong. How cats do it, we’ll never know, but they just nail every emotion teachers hit day in and day out!

So, in honor of National Cat Day, we proudly present the day in the life of teacher as told through the best cat GIFs we could find!

1. When the alarm goes off  . . .

And all the coffee in the world can’t prepare you to “adult” today!
day in life of teacher - cat gif

2. When a student asks the same question . . .

And you’re positive it’s the same one. . . for the 100th time in a row!


3. When your class jives with your lesson plans

It’s hard to resist the urge to jump up and yell, “Nailed it!”


4. When you’re interrupted AGAIN . . .

“I’m sorry, is my teaching getting in the way of your conversations?”

5. When you get five minutes in the classroom alone . . .

Ahhh, the students are in a lab. You’re just gonna put your feet up and no one will ever know . . .

6. When you change the seating chart

And every student has a comment. “La la la, I can’t hear you!”

7. When the students notice a typo you made on a handout

Sigh, why doesn’t life have a rewind button?

8. When you’re sure you’ll never make it through an afternoon slump

Seriously, why didn’t you restock the snacks in your desk?

9. When a parent blows off their conference

It’s been scheduled for weeks! You gave out your cell phone number just for this reason!

10. When you’re worried a student is falling behind

But then realize they’re figuring it out!

11. When you see your teacher BFF

Even if it’s just for 10 seconds in the hall—all is right in the world!

12. When you want to get home in time for dinner

But must bang out evaluations, lesson plans and letters home long after the last bell rings

13. When you don’t want to see anyone

The struggle is real trying to escape to the parking lot without bumping into a single parent, colleague, principal or student!

14. When you can finally relax

There’s nothing like your couch and some Netflix after a long—but fulfilling—day! You earned it!


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