These Free Lessons Bring Math & Music Together in the Best Way

Plus, when you download them, you’re automatically entered to win a trip to NCTM!

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Free Music Labs Lessons
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Do you ever feel like your latest geometry lesson will never be able to compete with the latest Ariana Grande track? Just getting students to take their earbuds out can feel like a victory. That’s why we were thrilled to hear about Music Labs, a set of free lesson plans from Numeracy Counts that aims to make math more meaningful and relevant to ALL kids by connecting it to what they already love: music.

It may be cliché to say that music is the universal language. But it’s true that whether your students listen to country or hip-hop, helping them to see the math in their favorite tunes will open their ears—and their minds—and help break barriers to math achievement.

Music Labs offers lessons for grades K–12 on topics such as elapsed time, data collection and analysis, ratios and proportional relationships, and more. Plus, every lesson includes a link to a curated Spotify playlist to help the topics come to life. (You can also pick your own tracks that tie back to the lesson, and even invite your students to do the same!)

The most exciting part? When you download the lessons by February 24, you will be entered to win a free trip to this year’s NCTM conference! That’s right. You might be on your way to San Diego, where you’ll have the exclusive chance to be an ambassador for Numeracy Counts.

Curious about Music Labs and want to learn more? Just click the orange button below to get your free lesson plans.

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