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For practicing facts 0-10!

Five sheets from the multiplication bundle on a blue background.

Multiplication facts are one of those topics where there’s no such thing as too much practice. So if you’re scrounging for more high-quality mixed practice for facts 0-10, you can just stop right now. We’ve put together 11 pages of adorable multiplication worksheets that get students to practice their facts in a variety of ways. Get ’em while they’re hot!

What’s included in our free multiplication practice bundle

Our 11-page bundle includes practice for facts 0-10 in a variety of formats:

  • Word problems.
  • Fact families.
  • Missing factors.
  • Multiplication fact search (think word search but with numbers).
  • Multiplication wheels.
  • Multiplication maze.
  • Arrays.
  • Color by product.
  • And more!

Two sheets from the bundle on a blue background.

How to use these multiplication worksheets

The possibilities really are endless here. We like these worksheets for:

  • Homework: These are super straightforward for parents frustrated by “new math.”
  • Entry tasks: Refocus students as they come in for the day or after recess or specials.
  • Independent practice: Teach your multiplication lesson and then put them to work!
  • “May Dos”: Have these copied and ready to go for your early finishers.
  • Enrichment: Give them to younger students who are ready to for a challenge!


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