Practice Multiplication With These Free Printable Spinner Games

Spin and solve!

Multiplication Games Printable Spinners

Looking for an easy way to practice multiplication facts? Look no further than our multiplication games printable download! It’s packed with fun spinner games for all the times tables, as well as practice with the box method and more advanced algorithms.

Here’s how it works

1. Download and print our free multiplication games printable packet.

It includes 20 free multiplication worksheets for different levels, from beginners to advanced.

Multiplication Games Printable Worksheets

2. Choose the fact family or method that you want students to practice and distribute that sheet.

The packet includes simple times tables as well as the box method.

Multiplication Games Printable - Box Method

3. Give each student a pencil and a paper clip to create a simple spinner.

Have students spin for a problem to solve or numbers to multiply, depending on the worksheet.

Multiplication Games Printable - Spinner

4. As students become more confident with their multiplication skills, give them the more challenging games.

This is the two-digit algorithm practice page.


Multiplication Games Printable Advanced

5. Watch the video to see our spinner games in action!

Ready to try it yourself? Download our free multiplication games printable packet now!