The Best Montessori Furniture for School and Home

Encourage safe exploration and learning.

Montessori furniture feature

The Montessori education philosophy promotes independence and self-direction for children. This means setting up an environment where kids can explore freely and safely. The furniture that you outfit a room with—whether it’s a classroom or playroom—can help or hurt kids’ safe exploration and learning. This guide includes recommendations for the best online Montessori furniture retailers, as well as must-have furniture to buy and tips for using it in your Montessori school or home learning space.

What is Montessori furniture?

Montessori furniture is child-sized furniture that helps children be independent. Many pieces are adjustable, in order to grow with the child. At home, furniture will help children participate in daily life—for example, a learning tower that allows a child to stand at the counter next to you while you cut up veggies for dinner.

Why buy Montessori furniture?

Every environment is a learning space for kids. As kids grow, they’re learning how the world works, and furniture is one aspect of a space that helps them develop. And when kids have furniture that they can use independently, they build self-confidence and problem-solving and gross motor skills.

Where To Buy Montessori Furniture

Here are our favorite places to find Montessori furniture, for a variety of budgets.

Montessori Outlet

Get classroom-quality furniture, rugs, and Montessori materials at outlet prices.



The mega online retailer sells Montessori furniture that’s perfectly priced for households.


Find a variety of Montessori furniture, including child-sized tables and chairs, at this popular retailer.

RAD Children’s Furniture

This furniture retailer is a great place to find learning towers and climbing triangles, and they’re made in Los Angeles, California.

Sprout Kids

If you’re looking for simple and attractive Montessori furniture, this retailer has durable options, all made in the USA.

Montessori Furniture Must-Haves

Ready to start shopping? Here’s a list of our favorite Montessori furniture pieces, perfect for exploration in your learning space.

Book Display

montessori book display as an example of Montessori furniture

Montessori book displays allow books to be shelved with the covers out. This helps kids choose the books they want to read and makes for easy cleanup.

Buy it: Book Display at Sprout


Montessori shelves

Montessori shelves have space for kids to easily choose what they are going to use and then clean up on their own. Wide-open shelves without a lot of drawers make it easy for kids to see all their options at once. And shelves are low to the ground so kids can always access everything that’s available to play with.

Buy it: Shelving at School Outfitters

Table and Chairs

Weaning table and chair in classroom

Child-sized tables and chairs give kids the opportunity to work comfortably. In particular, a “weaning” chair and table are adjustable to provide different heights so kids can always sit in a chair as they grow from toddlers to bigger kids. Ideally, these should be situated in natural light.

Buy it: Table and Chairs at Sprout

Learning Towers

Learning tower as example of Montessori furniture

A learning tower allows kids to work alongside adults. Participation in real work is a foundation of Montessori, as kids learn practical life skills and feel fully incorporated into the family.

Buy it: Learning Tower at RAD Children’s Furniture


Wooden stool chair

There are places in your house or classroom where you’ll want a stool to facilitate independence. A cube chair is one way to incorporate form and function, as it’s both a chair and a stool depending on how you turn it.

Buy it: Cube Chair at RAD Children’s Furniture

Climbing Triangles and Play Spaces

Rainbow Climbing Triangles and Play Spaces as example of Climbing Triangles and Play Spaces

Climbing structures—combinations of triangular ladders and boards—are great ways for kids to develop gross motor skills and incorporate imaginative play.

Buy it: Climbing Triangles and Play Spaces at Amazon Wood and Hearts Store

More Tips for Using Montessori Furniture

As you’re outfitting your space:

  • Think about the room from the child’s perspective. Where do you need to add supports to help your child navigate the space?
  • Minimize clutter by providing enough storage in each space.
  • Add activities that your child enjoys and make sure the activities and toys are presented in an organized way.
  • Make sure that the amount of toys and materials that are available are reasonable for your child/children. That will make cleanup easier.
  • Use natural lighting wherever possible. Keep curtains open and choose a room with a window for your child’s playroom.
  • Make sure there is a place for everything.

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