Get Six Weeks of Free Access to Online Math Resources!

Brought to you by 3P Learning

Whether in the classroom, learning remotely, or a combination of both, count on the online math resources from 3P Learning to help keep your students engaged and learning throughout the new school year. Choose the solution that’s right for your students!

  • Mathletics, ideal for students in grades 3-8, uses best-practice theories of gamified learning to keep students motivated as they work on practice and fluency activities or challenge their thinking with problem-solving reasoning activities.
  • Mathseeds, designed for younger learners in grades K-2, supports the development of core math skills and fact fluency in an interactive and engaging way.

Both programs allow for personalized learning paths for students and provide you with a full complement of printable resources to support blended learning.

Through this special offer, just for the WeAreTeachers community, you can try the program that best meets your classes’ needs for 6 weeks absolutely free. Along with full access to the program of your choice, you will also receive access to live webinars and onboarding support to help you get the most of your free trial. To get started, click on the links to request your trial.

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