20 Hands-On Ways for Kids to Learn Map Skills

These fantastic activities are definitely the way to go.

Map skills activities including learning latitude and longitude with Battle Ship and practicing using a compass with a treasure hunt

Even though many of us view maps on phone apps over paper these days, kids still need good map skills. Fortunately, the same basic concepts apply for virtual and paper maps. Here are some of our favorite engaging map skills activities to teach kids about keys, grids, the compass rose, and more.

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1. Read a map book

Storytime is the perfect way to introduce new map skills activities to little ones. Here are a few of our favorite books about maps.

2. Introduce map skills activities through imaginative play

Map Skills- Map skills activities

Learning about maps comes naturally when kids experiment with them through play. Fill a box with felt roads, rivers, houses, and more. Then let kids build and play in an imaginary town map.

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3. Map out a fairy tale


Read your favorite adventure story and lay out a simple map of the main character’s travels. This is such a cute activity to help young minds explore map skills.

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4. Hang a map skills anchor chart

Map Skills- Map skills activities

When you’re ready to start tackling map skills in earnest, a colorful anchor chart is a great way to start.

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5. Learn to read a map grid

Map Skills

Finding items in a grid is essential for reading paper maps. This simple interactive activity shows kids how it works.

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6. Follow directions through a grid

Map skills activities

This map skills game teaches kids to follow directions on a map grid. Lay it out with string or masking tape on the floor, then get into the map!

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7. Find your favorite characters’ homes on a map

Map Skills

Make a list of your favorite fictional characters, then find their homes on a map of the world. For some you’ll be able to locate the actual town or city; for others you may have to go with states or countries instead.

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8. Map your yard or playground

Map skills activities

Turn kids into junior cartographers with this popular map skills activity! Kids can do this
individually for their own yard or bedroom, or do a giant group map of the school or playground.

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9. Put together a map puzzle

Did you know the earliest jigsaw puzzles were actually maps cut into pieces? (It’s true! They were called “dissected maps.”) They’re still fun today. Try one of these favorites, or have kids make their own on the back of a dollar store puzzle for bargain fun!

10. Personalize the cardinal directions

Pick up a set of large wood or cardboard letters for north, south, east, and west. For each letter, personalize it with pictures of things you’d find if you went in that direction from your home or classroom. So cool!

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11. Make a salt dough map

Map Skills

Topographical maps are always a lot of fun for kids. Mix up a batch of salt dough, and have them sculpt your state, country, or even continent.

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12. Master latitude and longitude with Battleship

Map Skills

Latitude and longitude make the perfect game board for a round of Battleship! Learn how to play at the link.

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13. Solve a seek & find challenge

Give kids practice finding locations or landmarks on a map with seek & find challenges. You can do it on your own with a large road map, or check out the book Map It! Seek & Find Atlas of Brainy Challenges.

14. Craft a compass rose collage

Map Skills

Understanding a compass rose is key to mastering map skills. This pretty collage is a crafty way to get to know the cardinal directions.

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15. Bring the compass rose to life

Put the compass rose into practice by drawing one with sidewalk chalk. Then, lay out directional arrows to show the location of buildings or other items.

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16. Practice compass skills with a treasure hunt

Map Skills

Compass skills are the next step up when it comes to maps and way-finding. There’s no cooler way to practice them than a treasure hunt!

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17. Go on a Google Maps scavenger hunt

Map skills activities

These days, kids are more likely to encounter maps online than on paper. Send them on a journey through Google Maps so they can familiarize themselves with how it works and all its benefits.

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18. Map out a travel route

Map skills activities

Sure, nowadays we usually just map out a route with GPS, but what if your phone dies? It’s still good to be able to map a route by hand with map skills activities like this one.

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19. Put map skills to use with geocaching

Map Skills- Map skills activities

The geocaching fad is still going strong! Learn how it works and ways for kids to participate at the link below.

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20. Build a 3D map of your community

Here’s the ultimate map skills activity: a giant 3D map! Create a 3D map of your local community, or map out a fictional town instead. Either way, it’s so much fun.

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20 Hands-On Ways for Kids to Learn Map Skills