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High School Teachers Are Tweeting How Their Students Roast Them and We Can’t Stop Laughing

“Is that your Tuesday shirt?”

Tweet of high school students making fun of teachers

Teens aren’t one to pull the punches, and don’t we teachers know it! Some students make fun of teachers behind their backs, but some do it openly. Jessica Kirkland tweeted about a student who called her “thirsty” after she chugged a water bottle (yes, we know it’s a double entendre!), and many other teachers (some of them teaching younger grades as well) shared their stories.

Be Careful What (and How) You Eat!

Several students also made fun of their teachers for what they drank and how they ate.

“One time my HS students spent a whole week losing it after seeing me drink a small bottle of milk at my desk. A week. They kept bringing it back up day after day and dying laughing.” —Meg

“I was eating an apple, AN APPLE, and a girl said, ‘damn mister, you hungry?’ And her whole group laughed.” —Mohammad J.

When the Fashion Doesn’t Fit

Several of the responses had to do with teacher fashion … and makeup!


Teacher Tweet Make Fun Of

“Today I wore Ugg boots. No socks. Like the directions state. I’m a big socks guy, my students even started an IG account chronicling them. I was absolutely ripped for the no socks thing.” —Chemiranda

“A student once asked me where I got the sweater I was wearing and before I could answer she said, ‘THE DAD STORE?!?!'” —Scot E.

“Today I wore a chambray shirt under my sweater. 9th grader asks if I’m wearing a jean jacket under my sweater. I say no, it’s a denim shirt and he goes ‘They still make those???'” —Owen B.

“I had a kid ask me if I was wearing my ‘Tuesday Shirt.’ I had apparently worn the same shirt on several Tuesdays in the year. I told him I washed clothes on the weekend and I just pick what came out of the dryer first. He was shook I didn’t care about my ‘fit.'” —Auburn B.

“Showed up in a jumpsuit to my student teaching class and they asked me why I wore my pj’s to school.” —El Nina

“I wear ties every day, many of them bad 90s ties. I wore an extra bad one student teaching, my 8th graders took a poll and voted it the ugliest tie I’ve worn and then tried a school wide poll. They got the principal involved and she presented me with a certificate for ugliest tie.” —Jake J.

Having a Bad Hair Day

… or lack thereof!

“I shaved my head over the weekend. A student told me that I looked so bald that if anyone rubbed my head, they would see their future.” —Jason H.

“My student said I was so ugly my hairline ran away from my face. (I am bald.)” —Randy F.

“Last week I was having what I thought was a visibly obvious bad hair day. I said, ‘ugh, I tried a new shampoo and my hair looks like crap today.’ One kid goes, ‘you look exactly the same.’ Haunting.” —Jessica

When You are Generations Behind

Sometimes we just can’t fit in.

“Every show I talk about, one of my students responds with ‘my grandma watches that!'” —Liza L.

“I got roasted for saying headphones instead of AirPods or whatever. Because I’m old I guess!” —JenJan

Make Fun Teacher Tweet

Getting Teased Just Because

Some of our favorite responses!

“I have a box for questions (in case we have spare time at the end of class and the kids want to ask random stuff within the subject I teach). Today I pulled a question from the box: ‘are the houseplants in the classroom supposed to look dead like this?’ I teach ethics.” —Megan W.

“For a drama project one of my students did an imitation of me! It was bang on and I LMAO the whole time, but at the end, the whole class was silent, not looking at me. I think they thought he was dead. I gave him bonus marks for bravery.” —Jess K.

“I realized just how much I talk with my hands when I noticed 2 kids in the back looking like they were conducting an orchestra and cracking up.” —Shannon B.

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High School Teachers Are Tweeting How Their Students Roast Them and We Can't Stop Laughing