15 Anchor Charts To Teach Main Idea

Because teaching main idea isn’t as simple as it seems.

15 Anchor Charts to Teach Main Idea

Understanding the main idea of a topic or book is a fundamental step in overall reading comprehension. Main idea can be a challenge for teachers to explain and for students to get the hang of. From pizza to animals, ice cream to lightbulbs, there are many ways to explain this concept. Help your student master this skill by incorporating one or more of these main idea anchor charts into your lesson plan.

1. Explain the vocabulary through pizza

Main idea vocabulary with pizza anchor chart

Help students understand main idea and details with this fun pizza anchor chart template.

Source: Firstieland

2. Use character, problem, and solution

Finding the main idea anchor chart

Determine the main idea by determining who does what and why!

Source: Teaching with a Mountain View



3. Minecraft theme

Mindcraft main idea anchor chart

Grab your students’ attention with this awesome Minecraft-themed lesson!

Source: Schooled in Love

4. Interactive ice cream scoops

Ice cream scoop main idea chart

Work through this chart with your class to determine the main idea and its supporting details.

Source: Elementary Nest

5. Main idea summary

Main idea summary of concepts anchor chart

Summarize all of the main idea concepts with this anchor chart.

Source: Buzzing with Mrs. B

6. Flower pot details

Main idea and supporting details flower pot anchor chart

Add in supporting details with this cute flower pot anchor chart.

Source: Lucky Little Learners

7. Before, during, and after reading

Main idea tips for before, during, and after reading

Give students these tips to think about as they read.

Source: Teacher Thrive

8. Class activity

Stool activity with sticky notes to identify main idea and supporting details

Decide what the supporting details are as a class and stick them to the chart with sticky notes.

Source: Teacher Thrive

9. Follow these steps

Steps to follow to find the main idea

Outline steps for students to follow.

Source: Eclectic Educating

10. Example paragraph

Give example paragraph to teach main idea with an anchor chart

Give an example paragraph to display how to pick out important details and identify the main idea.

Source: Jennifer Findley

11. Detail tree

Main idea anchor chart with details put on a tree

Fill in details to identify the main idea.

Source: Happy Days in First Grade

12. Graphic organizers and tips

Main idea graphic organizer and tips anchor chart

This chart gives graphic organizer options along with tips for finding the main idea.

Source: Mrs. Petersen

13. Follow the rainbow

Main idea rainbow anchor chart

This colorful rainbow setup is fun and easy to follow.

Source: Elementary Nest

14. Animal details

Elephant with details to show main idea on an anchor chart

Choose an animal and discover the supporting details in the surrounding text.

Source: C.C. Wright Elementary

15. Keep an eye on keywords

Keywords main idea anchor chart

Pick out keywords like person, place, and idea to help students identify the main idea.

Source: The Primary Gal

Plus, learn more about how to use main idea anchor charts with our Anchor Charts 101.

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15 Anchor Charts to Teach Main Idea