Looking for a Laminator? We Review the Fellowes Saturn 3i 125


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Sometimes we get tired of sharing. There, we said it. Sure we stress the importance of collaborating, waiting your turn and being part of the community many times a day with our students. But when it comes to classroom supplies, sometimes individualism needs to be celebrated.

That is why we like the idea of our very own laminator. ( OK, maybe we can share it with the teachers on our grade team … maybe.) Here’s why we want it:

The Fellowes Saturn 3i 125 is a different animal than the big, unwieldy laminators we’re all used to in the resource room. It heats up quickly but is cool to the touch, making it safer for classroom use. The laminator automatically shuts off to prevent overheating and save energy. (Some schools can be mighty strict about power usage!)

As for those pesky laminator bubbles, take heart! When we checked in with teachers who’ve used it, they reported that bubbling of the laminate is not a problem with this model. If one or two small bubbles appear, passing it through the laminator a second time smoothes them out.

The laminator accommodates various document sizes up to the 12½-inch entry width, which works for so many things—classroom signs, cover reports, bulletin board decorations. The last thing you want to do is spend hours crafting 24 Minions for your class’s “You’re One in a Minion” bulletin boards only to have your one-eyed masterpieces ripped by little hands.

Best of all, teachers reported the Saturn 3i 125 laminator was easy to carry and transport, so you can work on that new bulletin board at home while watching Netflix. (Or bribe your spouse or teenager to do it for you?)

We have seen a whole lot of free printables in our day, but the Fellowes Idea Center really stands out. It is packed with colorful templates of flash cards, desk labels, birthday charts, reading logs and more, all just begging to be printed and laminated. We got some great classroom ideas from this site:

  • Laminate “Helper of the Day” and “Class Chore Chart” signs for the front of the classroom in primary grades. Write a different student’s name on it each day with dry-erase marker, and voilà! More whiteboard space for you!

Helper of the Day

  • Stop sending home those expensive paper “Star of the Week” posters with students (they always get ripped or lost!). Instead, print and laminate a reusable “Star of the Week” poster for the classroom. Students can tack up their personal photos in the spaces provided.

Star of the Week

  • Make hall and bathroom passes that stand the test of time by laminating them. You can also create “Visit Counselor” or “Walk to Collect My Thoughts” passes for students working on social emotional learning and curbing their outbursts.

Lastly, we’re excited that Fellowes is giving WeAreTeachers fans a special $20 coupon while supplies last. Just add the Fellowes Saturn 3i 125 model to your Amazon cart and clip the $20 coupon at checkout.