Let’s Make Some Great Videos!

You know you wanna.

WeAreTeachers is looking for teachers for our TEACHER HACKS series. 

TEACHER HACKS offers up solutions, teaching tips, and creative ideas for the classroom. Our goal is to provide real-life classroom perspective while giving teachers new ideas. 

So what do we need? Enthusiastic, creative educators with IDEAS! Read on to get some answers to common questions. 

I’m Interested!



Here are a couple of examples. We find that the simplest ideas make GREAT hacks—classroom management strategies, classroom organization, mindfulness ideas, science and reading hacks, etc. 


Tips for Picking Partners and Groups

How to Get Your Students to Line Up Quickly and Quietly

Where should the video be filmed?

Ideally, they’re in your classroom. Since this is teacher-to-teacher advice, we want it to come from a teacher in an educational setting. Sometimes there are some exceptions. For instance, this teacher created a Target confessional video for us in her car! But send us your idea, and we’ll talk! 

Who shoots the video?

You will, using whatever tools you have access to. (Yes a cell phone works!) You don’t need special equipment to do a video with us. We will give you some best practices before you go. 

Will you come up with the topics or ideas?

We always welcome teachers who bring their own ideas and creativity to the table. Even if it’s just a notion of an idea, let’s talk! We’ll help you get it ready for filming. 

Who edits the video?

We do! Once you get the raw footage, you’ll turn it over to us where we’ll edit it together and make it look and sound even better.

Where does the video live?

The video will live on our social media channels and website, and it will be shared with our vast audiences. We can tag you in social channels where it makes sense as well. 

Do I get paid for this?

Yes you will. Pay ranges from $200 to $300 per video, depending on the exact concept and deliverables. 

Want to learn more?

We’re actively making assignments now, and we want to hear from you! To apply to do a teacher video for us, send us an email, expressing your interest and suggesting a topic. 


You can follow up with questions or interest in working with us by emailing:

Stacy Tornio, Video Producer, stacy@weareteachers.com