This Principal Has a PSA: Stop Asking Teachers To Do 10 Jobs if You’re Only Going To Pay Them for One

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Photo of Jared Lamb, the principal advocating to let teachers do their jobs

Jared Lamb, principal of BASIS Baton Rouge Materra Charter School in Louisiana, made the rounds last year for ditching his desk for a rolling cart. He’s back in this video with a simple message, this time aimed at elected officials: Let teachers do their jobs.

Principal Lamb, @principal_lamb on TikTok, has scores of videos advocating for teachers. Take a look at this one that stopped our scroll:


Our students have significant needs. But asking teachers to do it all is a recipe for teacher attrition. To our elected officials, let’s stop asking teachers to do 10 jobs if you’re only going to pay them for one. We need multiple types of professionals in our buildings to fully support our school communities. I heard we’re looking for a new superintendent in my district… would love to hear how our new leader plans to support our students and empower our educators. principalsoftiktok teachersoftiktok schools fyp

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The power quotes we love from this TikTok:

“If we aren’t asking the electrician and mailman to do work outside of their scope, why are we asking this of our teachers?”

YES, Principal Lamb. 👏

This quote emphasizes the importance of respecting the professional boundaries of teachers, highlighting the need to avoid imposing tasks beyond their expertise and focus. We love that he points out that we need a more thoughtful approach to workload management within the education system.

“Since students are in our schools for 10 months out of the year, it makes sense to provide these services in our schools.”

He goes on to say that the providers should be people with the training and resources for these services—not teachers. But this quote sent us on a nice little thought journey. What would it be like if schools had built-in physical and mental healthcare providers?

“I get it. Our students have significant needs. Asking teachers to do it all is a recipe for teacher attrition.”


When so many principals attempt to minimize burnout or discourage turnover, Principal Lamb takes a more honest approach. If we keep tasking teachers with every aspect of students’ needs without adequate support or resources, we’ll lose them.

“We must allow teachers to focus on what they’re best at: educating our students.”

The argument really is that simple: Let teachers do their jobs.

What others are saying about this TikTok:

To put it simply, everyone is here for it. Teachers …


Counselors …


Everyone wants to see Principal Lamb’s message shared far and wide.


Some want to join Principal Lamb:


And some want him to take his leadership to new heights!


Clearly, Principal Lamb’s TikTok advocating for teachers struck a chord in the education community. And for good reason! For systemic change, we need a call to action. With over 3K shares, we’re hoping Lamb’s powerful message eventually makes it to the desks of people in charge.

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