We know that teachers are generous–giving their time, kindness, attention, support, and even finances in support of their students. So, it comes as no surprise that teachers do kind things for one-another as well. We asked on social media for teachers to share the kindest thing a coworker has ever done for them. Here are twenty of our favorite responses!

A Personal Reminder

My teacher friend tells me to text her the things I need to remember, so she can remind me at due time. –Claudia G.

Mentors are Amazing

"My former mentor teacher still asks me almost every day if there is anything she can do for me."

My former mentor teacher still asks me almost every day if there is anything she can do for me. This is her 29th year of teaching, she has her own classes to deal with and is going through a lot personally. She’s truly amazing! –Tara H.

Small Accolades are Always Appreciated

I had a difficult issue to deal with today (involving a remote student who seems to be shutting down) and my friend told me I did a great job. Sounds small, but it made me feel better about how I’m trying to help this kid. –Rebecca

Going the Extra Mile

A fellow teacher has been making seasonal positive affirmation cutouts for a couple of months. It’s a bright reminder that he loves, appreciates, and respects the members of his dept. –Larissa F.

Helping with PD!

My K-2 team is supporting me by participating in my action research project for my master’s program without one complaint about entering a little extra data –Coreen O.


Every Friday my junior high teaching team takes turns bringing sodas for everyone on our team. –Jamie M.

Sweets Make the Best Treats

A coworker secretly put my favorite candy bar in my mailbox. A small thing, but it was so nice to be thought of at the end of a hard day! –Barbara K.

Holiday Help

A teacher friend brought a stack of St. Patrick’s Day masks and went up and down the hall passing them out. –M.

Recovery Help is the Best

Sent me a get well soon card & a gift card after my hip replacement surgery. –P.

Thoughtful in Times of Bereavement

Sent me flowers, gave me cards, gave my kids lessons, and checked on me constantly when my mom passed away. –Nikki L.

Lamination FTW!

When I asked the SLP for suggestions for helping a student struggling to make the /th/ sound, she printed out her consonant blend cards AND laminated them for me. –Krystal L.

It Takes a Village

A teacher at my school taught my first period on her day off (she’s part-time) so I could take my kid to his first day of preschool. –Katie B.

Birthday Celebrations

"My coworkers remembered my birthday and showered me with thoughtful cards and gifts!"

My coworkers remembered my birthday and showered me with thoughtful cards and gifts! –Emily-Paige M.

When Nature Calls

Had me bring my small SPED class to her 3rd grade classroom so she could watch them for me when I desperately had to go to the bathroom. Love her and I have done the same for her. –Kim L.

Covid Help is the Best

Delivered groceries and takeout for me and my husband while we were quarantined. She’s the best! –Marisa T.

Sweet Surprises

Two teachers and I have an unspoken agreement of taking turns baking treats (muffins, cookies, scones, etc.) and leaving them in each other’s boxes. –Meghan B.

It’s a Family Affair

Helped my son when he was being bullied. –Fran T.

And Stapled!!

Made all my copies for the week when I was out sick and stapled them! –Collins C.

We All Need This Friend

Contacted me when they heard about a sudden chance to get the Covid vaccine. –Erica C.

We Love When Admins are Kind Too

My principal offered to buy us lunch for in-service next Friday. –Shannon E.

What’s the kindest thing a coworker has done for you? Share in the comments below!

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Teachers Share the Kindest Thing a Coworker Has Ever Done for Them