15 Out-Of-This-World Supplies to Encourage Young Astronomers & Astronauts

It’s time to blast off!

There’s nothing like gazing at the stars to make you realize how much bigger the world is around you. Kids love to learn about constellations, planets, and solar systems. Plus teaching about astronomy helps students learn about distance, gravity, and orbits. To help further their interest in outer space, we’ve put together a list of the best kids’ astronomy supplies. Blast off!

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1. Telescope

What better way to see space than through the eyes of a telescope! Teach kids about magnification and start zooming in on parts of the sky.

2. Star Finder Book

You’ve got the telescope, now it’s time to find the stars! This book features step-by-step guides to find more than 20 constellations across the northern hemisphere.


3. 50 Things to See With a Telescope

Go beyond the stars and search for galaxies, nebulae, globular clusters, and more.

4. 3-D Solar System Mobile


This mobile allows kids to see the planets’ features. And they’ll be thrilled to find out it glows in the dark! 

5. Qurious Space | STEM Flash Card Game

Match, quiz, and spin through the universe! Start with matching and move on to trivia. There are a ton of different ways to test budding astronomers. 

6. 7 in 1 Space Moon Exploration Robot Kit

Build 7 different types of robot including a shuttle, Mars rover, and more! Includes moving and connecting parts like plates, wheels, and shafts.

7. 3-D Puzzle

Showcase the planets orbits with this fun 3-Dimensional solar system puzzle.

8. Rotating Solar System Model

Another fun way to show how the planets orbit the sun. This rotating model lights up too!

9. SKYLite

Fill the room with stars! The SKYlite projects a field of drifting green stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud.

10. NASA Spacesuit

For those budding astronauts, this NASA spacesuit is just the thing when it comes to pretend play!

11. Space Shuttle Model

These mini space shuttles are inspired by the historical NASA orbiters! Your kids will love the attention to detail on these two diecast shuttles.

12. LEGO Lunar Station

LEGO bricks AND space? The perfect combination for capturing kids’ interest!

13. EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

Check out this completely closed aquatic ecosystem utilizing NASA technology! It’s a mini biosphere.

14. Solar-Powered Mars Rover

How awesome is this DIY Mars Rover with solar panels? Build it and then put it in direct sunlight to get it to move.

15. Star Globe

Globe of Earth by day, the stars by night! This constellation map is turned on by a hidden sensor and showcases all our favorite clusters.

Did we miss your favorite kids’ astronomy supplies? Share in the comments!

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15 Out-Of-This-World Supplies to Encourage Young Astronomers & Astronauts