Free Addition and Subtraction Game to Practice Making Numbers 0 to 5

This number sentence game is great for small groups, whole class review, and more!

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Free Addition Game to Practice Making Numbers 0 to 5!

Get started on addition and subtraction skills with numbers 0 to 5! This interactive game is the perfect way to reinforce your basic math lesson for numbers 0 to 5. These foundational math skills are essential for academic success when moving on to more complex math operations. Plus, this activity helps teach students number sense so they can begin to make meaningful comparisons with number relationships.

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How does the addition game work?

The bank on the left side of the screen gives students number sentence options. They’ll decide which correctly add up to the number shown on the right by dragging and dropping them into the empty space.

Animation of Dr. Seuss Making Numbers 0 to 5 Game

How can I use this game in the classroom?

Whole-Group Learning

  • Project the game on a classroom screen and have your class work together!
  • Invite students up to the screen to drag and drop the number sentences into the correct spot.

Independent or At-Home Work

  • Give each student a copy of the game on their own device and have them practice independently. Then, you can review each student’s screen or check the answers as a whole group.
  • Set up devices with the interactive game as a station in small groups.
  • Share the interactive with families as a resource for extra at-home practice.

Get My Addition and Subtraction Game

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