Teaching With Lightyear

Resources for Teaching With Lightyear

And we have liftoff! Ignite your students’ excitement about space with these Buzz Lightyear-inspired activities. They’re out of this world!

Do you know the phases of the moon?

Share this link with your students and invite them to play this quick picture game!

Image of Phases of the Moon Matching Game

All Resources

Teacher instruction letter plus all our Lightyear activities

Mission Log

Students use this mission log to make nightly observations of the sky

KWL About Space

Use this chart to facilitate a discussion about space

Make and Test Your Own Rocket

Students will make simple rockets out of paper

Flip-Book: Our Solar System

Invite students to color in the pictures of each planet

Mini Lesson on Light-Years

Use our Google Slide lesson to teach your students about light-years

Watch the Movie Trailer

More Ideas for Teaching With Lightyear