These Honest Valentines for Teachers Are Amazingly Accurate

But seriously. Who took my card stock.

Paired images of honest valentines

Ever wish you could tell a parent, student, or school board member what you really think? We’ve got you. This Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up a list of honest valentines that don’t shy away from the truth.

1. For your teaching BFF

Honest Valentine from teachers

2. To the student who is willing to talk to literally anyone around them

3. To the repeat PDA offenders

4. To the parent who is under the impression their child is your only student (and treats your email inbox as such)

5. For your maintenance staff angel

6. For your appraiser

7. For the new teacher on your team

Honest Valentine from teachers

8. For the parents who think books by Black authors = CRT

Honest Valentine from teachers

9. And because CRT parents just deserve a second valentine:

Honest Valentine from teachers

10. For your stack of grading

Honest Valentines from teachers

11. To: Faculty meetings

12. For your hot, also-single coworker you have zero chill around

Honest Valentines from teachers

13. To the supply closet thief

Honest Valentine from teachers

14. To the school board who has lost all semblance of normalcy and decorum

Honest Valentine from teachers

Which honest valentine do you wish you could send? Let us know in the comments!

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