10 Extraordinary Helen Keller Biographies for Young Readers

Honoring the life of an incredible woman.

Helen Keller Books for Kids

June 27 is Helen Keller Day! On this day, we celebrate the life of Helen Keller, activist, writer, educator, and trailblazer. She became deaf-blind at 19 months old after she having a high fever. In her life, with the help of a gifted teacher, Anne Sullivan, Helen overcame incredible odds to learn how to communicate. She dedicated her life to activism, campaigning for labor rights, women’s suffrage, and socialism. Young readers from kindergarten through grade eight will be inspired by reading about her life. Here are some of our favorite Helen Keller books for kids.

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1. I Am Helen Keller by Brad Meltzer (K–3)

We love all the books in Meltzer’s Ordinary People Change the World series, and the Helen Keller installment is no exception.

2. A Picture Book of Helen Keller by David A. Adler (1–3)

This 1990 biography has stood the test of time. 

3. National Geographic Readers: Helen Keller by Kitson Jazynka (1–3)

Perfect for developing readers interested in real photos and artifacts from Keller’s life.

4. Helen’s Big World: The Life of Helen Keller by Doreen Rappaport (1–3)

If you’re familiar with Doreen Rappaport’s picture book biographies, you know she has a gift for capturing her subjects in a lyrical, kid-friendly way. This one lives up to those expectations.

5. A Girl Named Helen Keller by Margo Lundell (1–3)


Another solid biography for beginning readers.

6. DK Readers: Helen Keller by Leslie Garrett (2–4)

This easy reader biography is well suited for children who are beginning to read more independently.

7. Helen Keller: Courage in the Dark by Johanna Hurwitz (2–4)

This easy reader biography from a prolific children’s author is a great introduction to Keller.

8. Who Was Helen Keller? by Gare Thompson (3–7)

The Who Was? series is fantastic, and the Helen Keller installment doesn’t disappoint.

9. Helen Keller: A New Vision by Tamara Leigh Hollingsworth (4–6)

We love all the additional information and sidebars packed into this biography. Great for a reader who might want multiple entry points into the material.

10. Helen Keller: A Photographic Story of a Life by Leslie Garrett (5–8)

Even though this biography is for older readers, it’s packed with photos, making it a great choice for striving and confident readers alike.

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