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It’s the most lovable time of the year! Whether you’re celebrating Friendship Day or Valentine’s Day, use these free heart printables to inspire poetry, paragraphs, and more. This heart printable bundle is flexible and can be used long after the chocolate hearts have been eaten.

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Red Heart Printable

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  • Create heart pockets: Print out two hearts per student, punch holes around the edges, and use yarn to “sew” the two hearts together. Use the pockets to collect valentines.
  • Make stained-glass hearts: When you cut out the red heart, keep the rest of the paper and fill it with tissue paper to create a stained-glass effect with a pretty red border.  

Black-and-White Heart Printable

black and white heart outline
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  • Create a bulletin board of all the things that your students love. Students write or draw what they love about a specific topic or just in general.
  • Create conversation hearts based on a book you are reading. What conversation hearts would your characters create? For sure Fancy Nancy would write a much different conversation heart than Pete the Cat.
  • Use red, pink, and white tissue paper to decorate white hearts and use them as room decorations.
  • Write heart poetry: Have students create poems they write around the shape of the heart. They can create a short poem that goes just around the edge, or a poem that fills the entire space.

Lined Heart Printable for Writing

two heart outlines with lines for writing
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  • Staple multiple hearts together to make a book of all the things that a student loves. They can dedicate one page to family, friends, school, the weekend, or any other topic.
  • Give students three hearts and have them write what they love about themselves. They can use sentence starters like “I love that I can …,” “I love that I am …,” or “I love that I have …”
  • Write notes of kindness: Have students write kind notes to their peers and deliver them anonymously.

Printable Page of Small Hearts

six small heart outlines
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  • Create a class collage: Decorate a lot of small hearts and combine them into a collage. If you want to get more advanced, create a design you’re going for, then figure out how many different colored hearts you need to make it.
  • Deliver notes to your students: Use the small hearts to encourage students in February. Write a note about what makes each student special and leave them on their desks.
  • Cut out lots of hearts and use them for graphing. Each heart can represent one conversation heart if you’re graphing the colors in a box. Or a heart could represent one student as they graph their favorite Valentine’s Day candies.

Red Heart Printable in Different Sizes

red hearts small medium and large with red outline
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These are perfect for students to decorate, cut out, and cover shoeboxes with to make Valentine’s Day mailboxes.

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