Sending Science Kits Home? No Need To DIY With This Easy Option

Keep the spark of experimentation alive.

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DIY Hands-On Custom Science Kits

Lectures and slide shows only take us so far when we’re teaching science concepts like magnetism, photosynthesis, or atomic structure. Even when our students are learning at home, they need to touch and see firsthand. However, assembling and distributing your own take-home supply kits is time-consuming, expensive, and complicated.

That’s why we’re excited about Ward’s Quick Kits. When it comes to keeping that spark of experimentation alive, these hands-on, custom science kits are exactly what teachers need. 

Here are the top 5 reasons we’re excited about Ward’s Quick Kits:

1. Get everything you need—and nothing you don’t.

With Ward’s Quick Kits, you don’t need to cross your fingers that students have a rubber band or drinking straw around the house. Each student gets their own kit, so you know everyone has exactly what they need to do hands-on learning safely at home. You get to choose the exact items included in the kits. This way, you won’t end up with 1,000 extra pipettes if you already have plenty in the storage closet. From slides to latex gloves to food coloring, you can pick and choose from Ward’s extensive list of science supplies to create a truly custom kit.

2. Find endless options for hands-on exploration.

This is where you can really get creative. How about a maker space-in-a-box, with all the supplies needed for open-ended exploration? What about a conductivity lab or a photosynthesis investigation? For almost any activity or experiment you can imagine, Ward’s can help you create a Quick Kit. And get this—kits can be organized so that you can distribute a whole unit’s worth of materials separated by lessons. Kids only open what is needed each day. 

3. Save time and lower your stress level.

Have you tried putting together your own distance learning kits? If so, you know they take for-ev-er. Making lists, shopping at multiple stores, dividing supplies into separate zip-top bags, and figuring out distribution—it’s a huge headache. Ward’s Quick Kits are just that—quick. The company put together a list of hundreds of the most commonly used items for science experiments. You simply pick from the list to create custom kits. Plus, they get sent out a lot faster than other custom companies—in as little as four weeks, not four months after you finish up a unit.

4. Get personalized help from science experts.

Not sure where to start or what to include in your kit? A Ward’s Science Kit Consultant works with you to understand exactly what you need and how you want it organized, making sure you haven’t forgotten a single washer or eyedropper. Not only that, but they’ll send the kits to your school or your house. Some kits can even ship directly to your students’ houses. Yes, you read that right. To their doorsteps.

5. They won’t break your budget.

It’s rare that custom coexists with affordable—but in this case, it’s true. Thanks to their pre-selected list of the most popular supplies used, Ward’s hands-on, custom science kits are far less pricey than other made-to-order kits. Plus, you’re not wasting gas money driving from store to store to shop. Savings all around!

Want to try Ward’s Quick Kits?

Ward’s Quick Kits make it easy to give your science students hands-on learning opportunities at home without breaking the bank or losing your sanity. These custom kits are also great for in-person learning when you can’t share supplies! Just click the orange button below to explore the options and learn more.

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Sending Science Kits Home? No Need To DIY With This Easy Option