Get the Playlist: 35 Thrillingly Fun Halloween Songs for Kids

Do the Monster Mash with some Spooky Skeletons!

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In the mood for some spooky fun? These Halloween songs for kids are the perfect soundtrack for the month of October! There are some downright eerie tunes, but also lots of fun dance jams. You’ll find options here for kids of all ages. Get ready to sing along! Plus, play all these songs from the WeAreTeachers Spotify playlist.

1. Five Little Pumpkins

Perfect for the pre-K crowd, Five Little Pumpkins incorporates counting practice with slightly spooky fun.

2. Monster Mash

Monster Mash is easily one of the most beloved Halloween songs for kids—and grown-ups! We love this video that teaches you a cool dance to go with it.

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3. Bumps in the Night

Even older kids will enjoy this one. The lyrics are on the screen, so it’s easy to learn them and sing along.

4. Monster Boogie


When monsters aren’t doing the mash, they’re doing the boogie! Make masks like the kids in the video to wear while you dance.

5. Halloween Sharks

Baby shark takes on Halloween! The familiar song adopts a minor key for the scary season.

6. Costume Party

Nothing scary here, just a song encouraging kids to use their imagination and try on something new.

7. Haunted House

What’s inside this haunted house? Halloween creatures who just want to dance with you!

8. Halloween Creatures

Practice counting to 10 with witches, ghosts, and other Halloween creatures. You’ll also learn about the sounds they make.

9. The Purple People Eater

Do you know the secret of the one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater? Find out in this golden oldie!

10. Spooky Scary Skeletons

Speaking of throw-backs, this one goes waaaay back! Disney made it in 1929, but it remains a true classic.

11. The 13 Nights of Halloween

Here’s a challenge for older kids! Can they learn all the lyrics to this song, based on The 12 Days of Christmas?

12. It’s Halloween Tonight

Some trick-or-treaters meet traditional Halloween creatures like witches and vampires. This one’s definitely a little bit scary!

13. Knock Knock, Trick or Treat

Answer the door to see lots of fun Halloween costumes in this sweet little song.

14. I’m A Crazy Witch

This one’s a fun memory game, as each person adds something new (and gross!) to the witch’s stew. Kids can expand on it by adding their own creepy ingredients.

15. Bones Bones Bones!

Skeletons are spooky, but they’re also a learning opportunity. This fun tune from GoNoodle names off bones in the human body.

16. In The Dark

Who’s afraid of the dark? Not this brave singer! They’ve got a light to chase the dark away.

17. This Is Halloween

Looking for spooky Halloween songs for kids? The Nightmare Before Christmas is the answer! The creatures in this one are definitely scare-worthy.

18. Snap Along With the Addams Family

The latest Addams Family flick came out a few years ago, but this GoNoodle song is still fun to sing (and snap) along with.

19. Halloween

The old classic “H-A-Double-L-O-W-Double-E-N spells Halloween” comes to life with stop-motion animation!

20. Ghostbusters

There’s something strange in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Kids love to shout this one out.

21. Grim Grinning Ghosts

Kids who’ve been to Disney World will recognize this one from The Haunted Mansion ride. The video even includes clips from the ride itself.

22. Monster Moves

Turns out monsters know a whole lot of dance moves beyond the mash! This is one of those Halloween songs for kids that you can’t resist dancing along to.

23. Halloween Dance Party

Seriously, spooky creatures really love to dance! Learn their best moves with kids’ fave Jack Hartmann.

24. Halloween Is Here

Fly like a bat, crawl like a spider, stomp like a monster—this one will get kids up and moving.

25. Down By The Spooky Bay

Here’s a spooky version of a familiar tune. Did you ever see a vampire making a campfire down by the bay?

26. Ha Ha It’s Halloween

Evoke the spirit of Halloween with this song full of chills and thrills, along with a catchy chorus.

27. Chumbala Cachumbala Dance

From the folks who brought you Baby Shark, Chumbala Cachumbala is another one of those songs that’s bound to get stuck in your head for days on end.

28. I’m Not Scared

You probably sang this one when you were a kid. It perfectly captures that feeling of a creepy fall night.

29. The Jack-O’-Lantern Song

Carve a pumpkin for Halloween and learn about some shapes along the way.

30. Down in the Dungeon

Find out who’s hanging out in the dungeon and just what they’re doing down there!

31. Faces of the Night

Jack-o’-lanterns tell their story in this mysterious song. Their lives are short, but full of thrills!

32. I’m a Mean Old Witch

Miss Nina teaches kids hand movements to go along with this song. Plus, she adds a second version about a nice old witch!

33. Witch Doctor

Oo-ee-oo-ah-ah, ting tang walla walla bing bang! This one proves that not all Halloween songs for kids need to be scary.

34. Have You Seen the Ghost of John?

This song dates back a long way. It’s easy to learn and fun to sing in a round.

35. Dem Bones

Here’s another well-known ditty that manages to sneak in a little bit of learning. Learn about various bones in the body and how they’re all connected.

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Get the Playlist: 35 Thrillingly Fun Halloween Songs for Kids