10 Fun and Informative Groundhog Day Videos for Kids

Learn about America’s most unlikely meteorologists.

Still shot from a Groundhog Day video for kids

When February 2 arrives, Americans all focus their attention on one specific little rodent: the groundhog. When he finally pops his head out of the ground, the question is, “Will he see his shadow?” If he does, six more weeks of winter are on the way! These top Groundhog Day videos for kids teach them more about this unique tradition, with songs, read-alouds, and more.

Groundhog Day for Kids

Homeschool Pop has all the basics in their Groundhog Day video for kids. Learn the history of the holiday, surprising groundhog facts, and more.

Fun Facts About Groundhogs

Did you know a groundhog is also called a woodchuck? Learn fun facts like this in SciShow’s quick video full of groundhog trivia.

“It’s Groundhog Day” Song

Move over, Baby Shark! This catchy tune from kid song superstar Jack Hartmann will have kids dancing along as they learn.

Groundhogs for Kids | Groundhog Day

Full of tongue twisters and fun names, along with info like the fact that groundhogs eat a pound of vegetation a day, this is one of those Groundhog Day videos for kids that’s both entertaining and educational.

Groundhog’s Day Off


Groundhog is sad that people only want to know about the weather every year—and never anything about him. This year, he’s going to change that.

“I’m a Little Groundhog”

Need an adorable sing-along song? The Kiboomers have just the right option. The words are easy to learn, and kids will have fun pretending to pop their heads out of the ground as they croon along.

Curious George Learns About Groundhog Day

This little monkey is ready to learn about Groundhog Day—except in this town, they’re known as whistle pigs!

The Night Before Groundhog Day

This rhyming read-aloud shares the story of one child’s Groundhog Day activities. She’s hoping for spring to come soon, but what will the famous rodent say?

Groundhog Day 2022 in Punxsutawney

See the whole Punxsutawney ceremony from 2022, including the men in top hats, the knock at the door, and the complete proclamation. Spoiler alert: He saw his shadow that year.

Why Groundhogs Supposedly Predict the Weather on Groundhog Day

This is our top pick for older students who want to learn about the holiday. It features the history of the day (it can be traced back hundreds of years!) and some cool groundhog facts.

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Want to learn more about one of the most unique U.S. holidays? Check out these free Groundhog Day videos for kids of all ages!