Graphing on Post-its Will Be Your New Favorite Math Lesson

Why, yes, graphing is more fun on Post-its.

Graphing on Post-Its Will Be Your New Favorite Math Lesson

Graphing is best understood when your students actually do it. You can talk all about the x-axis, y-axis, and different coordinates, but your students will better process the information when they can try it themselves. And these graphing on Post-its templates make it even better. 

We first wrote about printing on Post-its a few months ago. We offered several templates to choose from, and everyone LOVED them! So now we are giving you a new set of Post-it printables specifically for graphing. We hope you can use these templates in your math lessons—we have six total graphing on Post-its templates to choose from! Check out our video of it right here. 

Get the templates NOW!

Gather the materials. 

Prep your templates. 

Print and graph.