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Free Gaga Ball Rules Poster for Schools

Avoid playground disagreements.

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The high-energy game of gaga ball has recently re-entered the recess playground scene. Some kids get pretty competitive when playing, so it’s a good idea to put clear rules in place to curb disagreements over fouls and other gameplay basics. That’s why we created this free Gaga Ball Rules poster for schools.

Hang the poster in classrooms, near the door leading out to the playground, or even directly on the exterior of your gaga ball pit. Tip: Be sure to laminate the poster! Regularly reviewing the rules with players helps make sure everyone’s on the same page. Plus it prevents anyone who’s on recess duty from needing to break up petty arguments in the pit.

Remind students of basic gaga ball rules

Gaga ball rules poster for students on green background.

The free gaga ball rule poster features multiple sections, including “How To Play,” “Ways To Get Out,” and “How To Win.” It also includes the general dos and don’ts of the game in a simple, visual format that’s easy for kids to understand.

Equip teachers with more in-depth gaga ball rules

Gaga ball rules instruction sheet for teachers on green background

Want to make sure all the adults on recess duty are also on the same page about gaga ball rules? All you need to do is print our Gaga Ball Rules for Teachers handout and distribute it to your staff. It has more in-depth explanations of the rules. Then encourage teachers, as well as everyone on recess duty, to review the rules regularly with students. This helps avoid confusion and stop disagreements in the future.

Yes! I Want My Free Gaga Ball Rules Poster

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