20 Bulletin Boards That Will Transform Your School’s Front Entrance

Share your school values from the moment your students enter the front door.

Chances are, in the course of an average school day, dozens of people pass through your school’s front office. So why not use your front office bulletin board to inspire, motivate, or recognize and show some love to your students, teachers, and staff? Positive and uplifting front office bulletin boards are a great way to build school culture. Members of your school community will feel recognized, and visitors will quickly learn what your school is all about. Check out these 20 creative office bulletin board ideas to get you started.

1. Play the game of life

game of life office bulletin board idea

Roll the dice and have a great year.

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2. Display words of wisdom

things in my control video game front office bulletin board idea

A video game analogy never disappoints.

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3. Put faces to names


meet our staff front office bulletin board idea

The first step to building solid relationships.

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4. Celebrate our differences

share our similarities celebrate our differences front office diversity bulletin board idea

Diversity and inclusivity should always be celebrated. Show them off right when students walk in!

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5. All are welcome

all are welcome front office bulletin board different languages saying welcome

No matter which language you use, this board gives you a warm welcome.

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6. Celebrate diversity

we may all be different fish but in this school we swim together under the sea front office bulletin board

What a clever play on words!

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7. Inspire others

be... inspirational words office bulletin board ideas

There are so many wonderful things to be!

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8. What’s happening?

whats happening front office informational board

Everything your school family needs to know in one central location.

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9. Boldly state your mission

every child every day front office bulletin board

Let every student know how important they are.

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10. Words hold power

change your words change your mindset front office bulletin board ideas

Choose carefully.

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11. Cheer each other on

staff shout outs front office bulletin board ideas

Because teachers and staff need positive reinforcement too!

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12. We all need to hear this

in case no one told you today inspirational messaging front office bulletin board idea

Everyone should hear at least one of these things each day.

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13. Set goals together

back to school bulletin board front office

We’ll all grow together.

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14. Enjoy the journey

difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations front office bulletin board

Remind students that their hard work leads to amazing results!

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15. Take what you need

take what you need bulletin board front office

Inspirational quotes for the taking.

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16. Raise mental health awareness

emotional control inside out movie front office bulletin board ideas

Display an array of emotions that show students how to deal with their big feelings.

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17. Be a rainbow of possibilities

you are a rainbow of possibilities paint brush and palette rainbow front office bulletin board

Your students are artists—the classroom is their canvas!

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18. Learn from our favorite cartoons

life lessons from pixar front office bulletin board idea

Show off some lessons from everyone’s favorite comfort movies.

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19. Display parent news

parent news up themed front office bulletin board idea

Give parents good information with the help of everyone’s favorite Junior Wilderness Explorer.

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20. Showcase childhood staff pictures

staff school pictures front office bulletin board idea

These throwback pictures will be a hit for both the students and the teachers.

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Do you have any amazing front office bulletin board ideas to add? Come share a picture in our Principal Life Facebook group.

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First impressions matter. Share your school's values from the first moment visitors walk in with our list of office bulletin board ideas!