Chances are, in the course of an average school day, dozens of people pass through your school’s front office. So why not use your front office bulletin board to inspire, motivate, or recognize and show some love to your students, teachers, and staff? Positive and uplifting front office bulletin boards are a great way to build school culture. Members of your school community will feel recognized, and visitors will quickly learn what your school is all about. Check out these 15 creative ideas to get you started.   

1. Inspire greatness.

SOURCE: CraftyGalStudio 223

It’s a simple formula, really.  

2. It’s all about family. 

SOURCE: Worthington Direct

And at this school, we’re all members. 

3. Put faces to names. 


SOURCE: Pinterest

The first step to building solid relationships. 

4. Spell it out. 

SOURCE: Not On The High Street

What a creative way to use Scrabble letters. 

5. All are welcome. 

SOURCE: Cat’s Eye View

No matter which language you use to you say it. 

6. Celebrate diversity. 

SOURCE: Elementary School Counseling

What a clever play on words!

7. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

SOURCE: Happily Ever Elementary

We can help each other grow. 

8. What’s happening?

SOURCE: Office Salt

Everything your school family needs to know in one central location. 

9. Boldly state your mission. 

SOURCE: Rainbows Within Reach

Let every student know how important they are.

10. Words hold power. 

SOURCE: ELA in the Middle

Choose carefully.

11. Cheer each other on. 

SOURCE: Cartoon District

Because teachers and staff need positive reinforcement too!

12. We all need to hear this. 


SOURCE: Pinterest

Everyone should hear at least one of these things each day.

13. Set goals together. 

SOURCE: Rise Over Run

We’ll all grow together. 

14. It all boils down to this. 

SOURCE: apizza4thgrade

Simple as that. 

15. Take what you need. 

SOURCE: Purple Pronto Pups

Inspirational quotes for the taking. 

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