Teach Your Students How to Write a Friendly Letter with This Free Kit

Poster, lesson plan, student pages, and more!

Sponsored By The U.S. Postal Service

Teaching students how to write a friendly letter is one of those timeless lessons with so many benefits. It’s a great way to get students using the writing process in an authentic way, and it can help them build empathy as they connect with those they write to. Get your students engaged in real correspondence with this free kit of resources around writing a friendly letter.

What’s included:

  • A colorful poster with all the elements of a friendly letter.
  • A step-by-step “Writing a Friendly Letter” lesson plan.
  • A “My First Draft” brainstorming worksheet
  • A “Create Your Own Stamp Design” student page
  • An interactive “A Letter for You” template
  • An envelope template
  • A fun, illustrated card template
  • This awesome video:

How to use the kit in your classroom:

  1. Download and print the kit!
  2. Show your students the above video about the journey of a letter.
  3. Use the poster to teach the “Writing a Friendly Letter” lesson.
  4. Decide who your students will write letters to (e.g., retirement home residents, deployed soldiers, family members).
  5. Invite students to use the “My First Draft” worksheet to brainstorm their ideas.
  6. Print and copy the illustrated cards or the “A Letter for You” template for students to write their final drafts on.
  7. Print and copy the envelopes and have students address them.
  8. Mail your letters. (Don’t forget the stamp!)
  9. Try one of our extension activities in the lesson plan.

Get My Free Friendly Letter Kit