Free Thanksgiving Printable Banner for the Classroom

Encourage positive reflection in your classroom.

Free Thanksgiving Printable Banner

Foster a sense of gratitude in your classroom! This free Thanksgiving printable banner is a great way to encourage your students to share what they’re thankful for. You can use this to ask the general question, “What are you thankful for?” You might also consider giving it a theme. What book are you thankful for? Which school staff member are you thankful for? What dessert are you most thankful for?

Each letter is on a different leaf, making it easy to create a “THANKFUL FOR” area in any part of your classroom.

Make It Yourself

  1. Download and print the Thanksgiving classroom printable  PDF file located here.
  2. Cut out the “THANKFUL FOR” leaves and extras for decoration. (This step is optional as you could also just hang the 8×10 sheets of paper.)
  3. Cut out a few smaller leaves for each student
  4. Have your students write what they are thankful for on each leaf.
  5. Hang them all together on your board or classroom wall!