We’re Loving These Free Science Activities, Videos, and More for Middle and High School 

The periodic table of candy? Yes please!

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Group of middle school students looking at microscopes in science lab

“Cool! … Whoa! … Awesome!”

If you haven’t heard these exclamations from your science students in a while, perhaps it might be time to find fresh inspiration. We’re loving Ward’s World, a new online destination from Ward’s Science for middle school and high school teachers that offers high-quality, free science activities for the classroom. You’ll also find how-to videos, tips, tricks, and resources to share. Teaching science just got easier—and more fun!

The site is organized by topic and thus very easy to navigate. Quickly find classroom resources for biology, chemistry, physics, or geology and Earth science.

We love all of their free science activities. Just check out The Fantastic Floating Foam Reaction, a chemistry lesson where students combine two viscous liquids to create a rapidly expanding foam that hardens into a solid form.

Free Science Activities From Ward's World

And how fun do these lessons sound?  

Each activity guide includes everything you need to get started, including time requirements, key concepts, materials, safety tips, procedures, assessments, and teacher tips. Plus, at the end of each activity, you and your students are directed to more related content. Ward’s World not only helps your students learn important science concepts, but it also makes science exciting and fun.

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