7 Free and Engaging Resources From EVERFI for Grades K-12

Tools to help you teach SEL, financial literacy, phonics, and more.

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Free EVERFI Resources

We love finding fun and engaging online tools that fit right into our curriculum—and even better if they’re free! That’s why we were psyched to discover these free, interactive activities from our friends at EVERFI, covering topics from SEL to phonics to financial literacy to the metaverse and beyond. Whether you teach kindergarten or 12th grade, EVERFI can help kids learn critical life skills to help them thrive. Here’s how.

1. How to build credit

Kinds of Credit Cards - EVERFI

Free EVERFI resource to check out: Build: Credit Fundamentals

Best for grades: 9–12

Why we love it: Credit is one of the trickiest financial literacy concepts for students to understand, but EVERFI’s five free lessons break it down with fun simulations that have students apply for a credit card and pretend to take out a loan to buy a car.

2. How to save money for the future

Free EVERFI resource to check out: SaveUp: Saving Money for the Future

Best for grades: 6–8

Why we love it: Middle schoolers learn the basics of saving and budgeting, including how to build emergency savings and open a savings account to reach their financial goals, through real-world examples and simulations.

3. The importance of recycling

Plastic Pollution Question

Free EVERFI resource to check out: Sustainability Foundations: Ready to Recycle

Best for grades: 5–8

Why we love it: Students will develop strategies for becoming better-informed consumers when it comes to recycling, learning about single-stream recycling, the environmental impacts of mining and raw materials to be used in consumer goods, and how to make sustainable choices.

4. Staying safe in the metaverse


Free EVERFI resource to check out: Get Digital: Safety in the Metaverse

Best for grades: 8–12

Why we love it: Virtual reality and augmented reality are changing the ways students need to stay safe online, and these engaging interactive activities explore how.

5. Building healthy relationships

Let's Talk About Relationships

Free EVERFI resource to check out: Character Playbook: Healthy Relationships

Best for grades: 8–10

Why we love it: Students explore what positive character development and relationships look like through real-world examples and role-play.

6. Understanding mental wellness

Mental Wellness Basics

Free EVERFI resource to check out: Understanding Mental Wellness

Best for grades: 8–10

Why we love it: In this course, previously called “Mental Wellness Basics,” students will learn about the importance of mental health as well as coping strategies to help them through challenging thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. A new lesson has been added about coping with uncertainty.

7. Phonological and phonemic awareness

WORD Force

Free EVERFI resource to check out: WORD Force

Best for grades: K–2

Why we love it: Students practice reading fundamentals through fun games featuring lively animated characters. WORD Force has been updated for school year 2022–23 to include more direct instruction with video explanations, redirected interventions for students struggling in a specific area, and an e-book library that students can access and read at any time after completing a game.

We’re curious, have you tried one of these free resources from EVERFI? Are there other EVERFI activities you love? Please share in the comments.

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7 Free and Engaging Resources From EVERFI for Grades K-12