Free Printable: Tens and Hundreds Cube Game

A fun, student-approved game!

I recently played this game with a class of second graders and it was a total hit. AAAND it’s really good math practice for understanding tens and hundreds! (Proud teacher moment!) The concept is really simple. You either add or subtract 10 or 100, depending on what you roll on a cube. The kids seemed to enjoy seeing how their score changed based on how they rolled.

Tens and Hundreds Cube Game

Cube Game preview

Students can play against someone, or they can set a goal and try to reach it by themselves. I made wooden cubes that have the following sides: +10, -10, +10, -10, +100, -100.  If you don’t want to make wooden cubes, or you want your kids to be able to take the cubes home, here and here are some basic paper cube templates to use. Enjoy!

Download the full size printable: Ten or One Hundred Cube Game [PDF]