Free Printable: Spelling Word Search Worksheet

So much fun. So much spelling!

One of my favorite spelling activities from upper elementary school was making and solving spelling word searches. Some weeks, our teacher would have us create a word search and turn it in at the beginning of the week, make copies of the best ones, and then hand them out for our class to solve at the end of the week. We kids were blown away to learn that anything you highlight with a neon yellow highlighter won’t show up on a copied paper!

Spelling Word Search Worksheet

Spelling word search preview

I’ve taken this activity and put everything together on a single paper that you can hand out to your class. It’s even got the directions on it! If your school limits the number of copies you can make, just use the directions and give your students graph paper instead of copying this page.  Happy spelling word hunting!

Download the full size PDF: Spelling word search [PDF]