Free Printable: Interview a Classmate

Getting to know you!

Last week, I posted a free printable to give your class at the start of school to help them get to know you (the teacher). This week’s printable will help you in the equally important task of helping your students get to know each other!

Interview a Classmate Worksheet

Interview a Classmate preview

There are tons of ways to do this, but if you’re swamped and don’t have the time to plan an elaborate activity, use this!

  1.  Make copies of this page (one for each student).
  2. Pair up your students (preferably so the partners don’t know each other very well).
  3. Instruct the partnerships to talk and fill out the “Interview Your Classmate” printable.
  4. Have each student write a paragraph using the new information about their classmate.
  5. Have students share with the class one interesting thing about their partner.
  6. Use this as a writing sample if you’d like to see where your students are at with their language arts skills.

This can be a good exercise to repeat if there are lots of students in your class who don’t know each other. If you’re short on time, consider only using the top portion of the page to get students talking. Best wishes for a successful launch of the new school year!

Download the full size printable: Interview a Classmate [PDF]