FREE PRINTABLE: 5 Memory Coasters to Capture the School Year

This DIY is perfect for students!

Capture memories with your students using these end-of-school-year printables.

The School Year Memory Coasters printable set has space for your students to write down memories and what they have learned from the year. First take and print your student’s photos. Then all you need are scissors, glue, and a teacher’s best friend—a laminator! Check out our favorites.

Voila! Now you have DIY, end-of-year gifts that your students will cherish for years to come! These five free end of school year printables are available in our downloadable PDF. Be sure to watch the video at the end to see how this project comes together!

#1: The Basics

end of school year printables

An Instax photo fits perfectly in the spot on the left. On the right, your students can write their grade, teacher, and year, so they can remember it for years to come.


#2: History Lesson

end of school year printables

Encourage students to think beyond the classroom and reflect on and write about a historical moment from the year’s news.


#3: In Love with Reading


Encourage your students to dig deep and find that PERFECT quote! Bonus: to create this coaster they may have to do some extra reading.


#4: Science Nerd

Celebrate the nerdiness and have students capture something awesome they learned in science. They’ll enjoy looking back in later years to see just how much they’ve learned since.


#5: Making Memories

This coaster is completely open to interpretation. Your students can share a memory of class, friends, or family. Whatever sticks out to them the most goes here. It will be fun to see the variety of memories shared!

Don’t forget to get these end of school year printables for free in this downloadable PDF. For even more inspiration, check out how they come together in this video: