17 Cool Ways to Teach Food Webs and Food Chains, In Person and Online

It’s all about the circle of life.

7 Images of homemade and online art of food webs and food chains.

Any kid who’s ever seen The Lion King already knows a bit about food chains and food webs (“It’s the CIIIIRRRR-CLE…the circle of LIFE!”). It’s a topic that can be a bit tricky to cover, and requires a little finesse on the part of teachers. These activities help students understand how important these concepts are, and why healthy food webs and chains are necessary for the whole planet to thrive.

1. Start with an anchor chart

Food Webs Pinterest

A food chain follows the direct path of energy between species. Food webs are more complex and involve a give and take between many organisms in an environment. This clever anchor chart helps explain the difference between the two.

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2. Introduce food webs and food chains during storytime

Books are a great way to segue into discussions about food chains and food webs. Here are some of our favorites.

3. Let The Lion King explain the concept

Seriously, Mufasa’s speech in The Lion King is one of the best explanations of food chains and webs around. This video covers the idea in more detail.

4. Put together a food chain puzzle


Food Webs A Dab of Glue Will Do

These free printable puzzles are a fun way for kids to learn a variety of food chains. (For virtual classrooms, try a digital version instead.)

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5. Use a paper plate to show the circle of life

Turn kids loose with a stack of magazines, or print pictures from the internet. Then assemble them into food chains around a paper plate.

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6. Try some StudyJams

Food Webs Scholastic

Scholastic’s StudyJams work for both in person and online classrooms. Watch the entertaining video, then use the self-assessment tool to check your knowledge.

Learn more: Food Webs StudyJam and Food Chains StudyJam

7. Create food chain art

Food Webs A Faithful Attempt

This cross-curriculum art project is so fun! Kids choose a food chain to illustrate, then represent each part of it inside the mouth of the next.

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8. Construct food chain pyramids

A pyramid can be a helpful way to look at food chains. Kids will have fun illustrating with their own artwork.

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9. Have a digital Food Fight

Food Webs Brain Pop

Use this interactive game with your whole class online or in person. Teams fight it out to see which animal can create the best food web and ecosystem for survival!

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10. Assemble food chain links

Food Webs Science Sparks

This very literal interpretation of a food chain is one that kids can easily do on their own, whether in the classroom or at home. All they need is paper, glue, scissors, and a little creativity!

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11. Make food chain nesting dolls

Food Webs Super Simple

Visit the link for a free printable to make these adorable ocean food chain nesting dolls. Then challenge kids to choose another ecosystem and create their own.

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12. Stack food chain cups

Each of these cups represents one part of a food chain. Stack them to show how they all fit together. Challenge kids to see who can stack their cups correctly in the fastest time!

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13. Watch a food web video

Videos are always a favorite with kids in every kind of classroom. This one does a terrific job teaching them about food webs and chains.

14. Connect the food web with rubber bands

Use a bulletin board, push pins, and rubber bands to demonstrate how interconnected a food chain can become. Use this in a classroom science station, or complete the activity together as a whole class virtually.

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15. Display the food web with model animals

Food Web Susan Evans

Gather up all those toy animals and put them to good use! Try using different colors of yarn to represent predators, prey, scavengers, and more.

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16. Turn the food web into a marble maze

We love how this activity turns a biology lesson into a STEM challenge! Kids will get a kick out of playing with their food webs marble mazes, so the learning never stops.

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17. Walk a life-sized food web

Head out to the playground for a socially-distanced interactive food web game! Lay out cards showing all the organisms in a food web and have kids help place arrows for the flow of energy. Then, kids can walk along the web by following the arrows (at a safe distance from each other, of course) to really understand how it all interacts.

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17 Cool Ways to Teach Food Webs and Food Chains, In Person and Online