17 Fabulous Fluency Anchor Charts

What exactly does it mean to read fluently?

Collage of fluency anchor charts for classroom

Fluency is an integral measure of a competent reader. It’s not just reading quickly, as many students mistakenly think. It involves skills such as reading expressively at a natural pace, grouping words together, and thinking about what you read as you go. Here are 17 of our favorite fluency anchor charts to help your students become masterful readers.

1. As a Fluent Reader …

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: Teaching with a Mountain View

This colorful anchor chart has all the information your students need to read like pros.

2. Read With Expression

SOURCE: The Owl Teacher

Read like you speak—you are not a robot!



3. The Elements of Fluency

Still of fluency Instagram post by Angie Campenello

SOURCE: @angie.campanello

Extra bonus—when you read with fluency, it helps your comprehension.

4. What Does a Fluent Reader Look Like?

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: Step Into Second Grade

Fluent readers are expressive and natural and read like they speak.

5. Reading With Fluency

SOURCE: Inspired to Read

Use a storyteller voice and think about what you’re reading while you read.

6. Let’s Read Fluently!

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: Think, Grow, Giggle

This chart’s best advice? Read every day and frequently listen to others read.

7. Fluent Readers …

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: Conversations in Literacy

Learning how to “scoop” words and phrases is important for fluency.

8. Fluency Checklist

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: Pinterest

The big four simply laid out.

9. Fluency Grid

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: Pinterest

The big four in a little more detail.

10. Punctuation—My Voice

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: Pinterest

This chart helps kids know exactly what to do when they hit those punctuation marks.

11. Free Fluency Posters

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: We Are Teachers

Download these gorgeous posters to reinforce good fluency habits in your classroom.

12. Fluency Definition

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: Teaching my Friends

How to read so the words flow.

13. A Fluent Reader

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: My Life as a Third Grade Teacher

All of the skills to check off the list.

14. Fluency Self-Evaluation

Fluency Anchor Charts

SOURCE: The Literacy Effect

This anchor chart, posted by a middle school teacher, helps students self-evaluate their fluency skills.

15. Fluency Posters

SOURCE: One Extra Degree

If you prefer pre-designed anchor charts, you’ll love this whimsical set (for only $2) that includes one poster each for accuracy, phrasing, pacing, and expression.

16. Froggy Fluency

SOURCE: Teacher Mom of Three

Available for free on TPT, this poster is a cute reminder for younger readers.

17. Reader’s Workshop Collection

SOURCE: Mrs. M’s Style

Finally, if you’re looking for the big kahuna of prepared reading anchor charts, this set is for you! For $6 you get 20 posters that cover not only fluency but accuracy, building stamina, just-right books, and more.

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17 Fabulous Fluency Anchor Charts