25 Teacher-Approved Fifth Grade Workbooks

Reading, writing, math, and more.

We know that getting kids to sit down and focus on new concepts can be difficult at times, but with the right resources, you can make learning fun! We’ve put together this quick list of teacher-approved fifth grade workbooks for the classroom, distance learning, or home school. These learning supports are curriculum-aligned and have great reviews so you can be confident in sharing them with your students. Plus, they cover all topics! 

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Best Math Fifth Grade Workbooks

5th Grade Common Core Math

This fifth grade Common Core math workbook includes 20 weeks of daily multiple choice activities. Topics include place value, fractions, converting units, volume, and more. Also, the resource also contains weekly assessments as well as an end-of-year evaluation. 

Real review: “I would recommend those books to parents of my students as a perfect guide to be successful on Common Core exams.”

Spectrum Math Workbook 5th Grade

This engaging fifth grade workbook covers so many topics! Fractions and decimals, perimeter, area and volume, classifying geometric figures, preparing for algebra, and graphing on the coordinate plane. With 160 pages and ten chapters, kids can stay at the top of their math game. Incorporates progressive practice, math in everyday settings, and tests to monitor progress.

Real review: “No matter what subject you are looking for a little extra help in this is a great product for you. They break down the problems really well, one thing I love about these books is they lay flat and you don’t have to keep pushing the centerfold down as you are working on them.”



Introducing MATH! Grade 5

This workbook is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of fifth grade mathematics. Students will work through practice questions on topics such as operations and algebraic thinking, geometry, measurement and data, and more!

Real review: “It’s beautifully laid out, describes the concept in detail before offering practice and seems to cover more than enough to keep children at grade level.”

180 Days of Math: Grade 5

Help students improve math skills with fun daily practice. This fifth grade workbook aligns to college and career readiness and focuses on everything from addition and subtraction to data analysis and probability.

Real review: “Each page builds and assesses a student’s fluency in math especially since 5th is the foundation that a child needs for math understanding in future middle school math.”

Math Made Easy: Fifth Grade Workbook

This fifth grade workbook provides practice on all the major topics with an emphasis on addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals. Plus, it includes a helpful review of fifth grade math concepts, skills, and topics. 

Real review: “Great range of activities from easy to difficult depending on need and purpose. Answer keys are easy to follow. Highly recommended.”

Best Reading Fifth Grade Workbooks

5th Grade Common Core ELA (English Language Arts)

Common Core-aligned, this fifth grade workbook is a comprehensive resource to help students become very familiar and comfortable with the state English exam and standards. The workbook includes 20 weeks of daily practice with weekly assessments, more than 300 ELA questions, and over 500 minutes of video explanations.

Real review: “The Common Core Practice book has been a useful resource.”

Evan-Moor Daily Fundamentals, Grade 5

This cross-curricular fifth grade workbook provides students with daily practice. They’ll develop strong reading skills while completing activities from a variety of subjects including language and math, which supports core curriculum. 

Real review: “Use it as a Do Now/ review at the beginning of the day. We have a 15mins gap before leaving for special class. It’s quick enough for them to complete on their own and review as a class.”

Reading Comprehension, Grade 5

This workbook reinforces reading comprehension skills and entices reluctant readers with engaging topics. It includes more than 70 pages of activities with clear explanations and an answer key. 

Real review: “These are great little books for helping kids pull information from text. They change it up from writing in the answers to true and false to keep it fresh.”

Spectrum – Reading Workbook – 5th Grade

This fifth grade workbook contains focused practice for reading comprehension. It includes letters and sounds, word recognition, integration of knowledge and ideas, key ideas and details, main idea, story structure, theme, and summarization. Each lesson features an illustrated story followed by exercise in comprehension. Plus, a complete answer key is included. 

Real review: “Contains about 75 brief stories or essays followed by a page of comprehension exercises. Nothing too difficult but a nice supplement.”

180 Days of Reading: Grade 5

The standards-based reading skills targeted in this workbook include determining central ideas and themes, applying word analysis skills, making logical inferences, and more. Use the included diagnostic tools to assess progress and identify intervention and enrichment needs.

Real review: “It gives the students plenty to practice. I use the longer texts at the end of the week for fluency practice.”

Best Writing Workbooks Fifth Grade Workbooks

Spectrum – Writing Workbook – 5th Grade

This fifth grade workbook guides students through each step of the writing process as they compose paragraphs, personal narratives, fiction stories, comparisons, visual aids, how-to instructions, research reports, persuasive articles and more. The Writer’s Handbook helps reinforce grammar as well as language skills and includes a complete answer key. 

Real review: “These books are great. Right on target with national standards.”

Scholastic Success with Writing, Grade 5

This resource correlates with state standards and supports students as they master grade-level appropriate writing mechanics. Topics include adding details, constructing paragraphs, organizing facts, planning a story, and more. 

Real review: “The writing prompts are fun and interesting, and in smaller chunks that are not overwhelming.”

180 Days of Writing for Fifth Grade

This easy-to-use resource provides fifth-grade students with practice in writing opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative pieces. It also strengthens their language and grammar skills. Daily practice pages make activities easy to prepare and implement as part of a classroom morning routine, at the beginning of each writing lesson, or as homework. 

Real review: “Great practice book.”

Getting to the Core of Writing: Essential Lessons for Every Fifth Grade Student

Inspire students to develop as writers in the fifth grade classroom with these engaging and creative writing lessons. This workbook develops college and career readiness skills. Plus, it contains detailed information on how to establish and manage a daily Writer’s Workshop.

Real review: “I love that it gives you plenty of examples and ‘how to’s before you are asked to write ‘on your own.’”

Scholastic Success With Grammar, Grade 5

Correlated to state standards, this fifth grade workbook gives students the targeted, skill-building practice they need. Each workbook includes more than 40 ready-to-reproduce practice pages. Easy-to-follow directions and fun exercises encourage independent learning. 

Real review: “This is good for grammar lessons and learning specific things in the grammar field.”

Best Science & Social Studies Fifth Grade Workbooks

Spectrum Science for 5th Grade

This science workbook provides interesting informational text and fascinating facts about galaxies, subatomic particles, identical twins, and the first airplane. The activities are designed to improve scientific literacy and inquiry skills with an exciting exploration of natural, earth, life, and applied sciences. Answer keys are included to gauge skill mastery. 

Real review: “The book is structured well so he can easily thumb through and find a page to work on.”

Daily Science, Grade 5

Help fifth grade students develop a genuine understanding of standards-based scientific concepts and vocabulary using the 150 engaging activities in this workbook! A variety of rich resources, including vocabulary practice, hands-on science activities, and comprehension tests in multiple-choice format, help you successfully introduce students to earth, life, and physical science concepts.

Real review: “The weekly questions are interesting and there is just enough information without being overwhelming and dry, which is great for my active kids who cannot sit still for very long.”

Skill Sharpeners Science Grade 5

Build kids’ understanding of physical, life, and earth science with this full-color activity book. Engaging activities and hands-on projects will motivate fifth graders to learn science concepts. The simple experiments, using materials that can easily be found at home, help students understand and retain science concepts in a memorable way.

Real review: “This book provides not only reading and comprehension but it also provides science experiments for every subject matter it covers.”

Spectrum – Geography: United States of America Workbook – 5th Grade

Aligned to current state standards, this workbook is ideal for test preparation. Guides students through concepts such as population distribution, canals and tributaries, historical events, ecology, map skills, and more. A glossary is provided to strengthen important vocabulary. Plus, it has an answer key to help parents and teachers accurately monitor students’ skill mastery.

Real review: “These are great books to supplement classroom learning. Lots of practice that builds on skills incrementally.”

180 Days of Social Studies Grade 5

Encourages students to analyze primary sources, answer text-dependent questions, and improve their grade-level social studies knowledge. Each week covers a particular topic within one of the four social studies disciplines: history, economics, civics, and geography. 

Real review: “This book does a better job of meeting our state standards than our textbook, and it’s more accurate!”

Best Overall Fifth Grade Workbooks for Summer

Kids Summer Academy by ArgoPrep – Grades 5-6

Includes 12 weeks of curriculum designed to prevent summer learning loss and prepare kids for sixth grade. Activities cover topics including reading, math, science, fitness, yoga, logic, and puzzles. Detailed video explanations are accessible on their website.

Real review: “This product was very useful at keeping my kiddo engaged with real grade-level work. The video explanations were very helpful in providing a class-like experience.”

Summer Bridge Activities – Grades 5 – 6

This fifth grade workbook focuses on a variety of subjects. Includes math, writing, reading, science, social studies, fitness, and character building. It also includes bonus flashcards for studying.

Real review: “I like how each day has four lessons that focus on different subjects. Each day is designed to take about 15 minutes, so there’s not too much grumbling about doing school work over the summer.”

Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 5 & 6

Kids can learn all summer long with this personalized, interactive quest! They’ll start with a map that guides them through activities based on reading comprehension, writing essays, ancient history, grammar, fractions and decimals, climate, and more. The workbook also includes bonus challenges and stickers, outside activities, and a summer reading list!

Real review: “Using this workbook has been a revelation for myself and my daughter. I am so glad I ordered it.”

Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 5

Aligned with Common Core state standards, this workbook is designed to appeal to kids’ natural curiosity. It’s filled with hands-on activities and games covering spelling and vocabulary, language arts, math skills and word problems, multiplication and division, fraction and decimals, social studies, and more. It also comes with colorful stickers, a fold-out poster, award certificate, and Brain Quest Mini Decks in the back.

Real review: “Great, comprehensive workbook. We home school, and I feel good about this whole Brain Quest series providing kind of the backbone for my children’s curriculum.”

Evan-Moor Daily Summer Activities, Grade 5-6

Help prevent summer slide and get kids prepared for the next grade with this engaging workbook. The activities offer practice of essential skills across subject areas, including reading, math, writing, spelling, and geography.

Real review: “This is a great summer tool! I love that there is a flow to it and it goes week by week.”

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25 Teacher-Approved Fifth Grade Workbooks