14 Fabulous Fifth Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow

Fun advice, straight from your peers!

Fifth Grade Blogs

While we all have our own teaching style, being able to learn from others can be so important. Whether you’re short on time after school or teaching through distance learning, it can be hard to find the time to connect with others. That’s why creating a virtual community is so helpful! Get started by checking out this list of the best fifth grade blogs and teachers to follow!

Chalk and Apples

Why we love them: Kristen helps educators create rigorous learning experiences for students … all without sacrificing personal and family time. 

Must-read post: Want to foster a love of reading? This post highlights the importance of letting kids choose their own books. 

Coffee in 5th

fourth grade blogs

Why we love them: Gabriella is a pro at stocking up on school supplies, coffee, and emergency chocolate!

Must-read post: Stay sane with this post that offers a friendly reminder to not compare yourself to others. 



Made in Fifth Grade

Why we love them: Rachel weaves pop culture into the funny moments she shares from the classroom. 

Must-read post: She shares how hard an unexpected crisis can be for people who love having a plan.

Fifth is my Jam

Why we love them: Rach is an experienced teacher, military spouse, and passionate about education!

Must-read post: You’ll relate to this post if it’s ever felt like a single week has lasted a lifetime.

Miss 5th

fourth grade blogs

Why we love them: Britt is so open and honest about her love for the classroom and her desire to grow as a teacher. 

Must-read post: Fantastic post about recognizing and celebrating our own personal best instead of comparing ourselves to others. 

Hillary’s Teaching Adventures

fourth grade blogs

Why we love them: She’s a curriculum designer who’s committed to creating great resources for the classroom. 

Must-read post: This post cheering on her fellow teachers during the tough times is the kind of teamwork we all need. 

Adventures of Ms. Smith

fourth grade blogs

Why we love them: Katie has a special focus on student engagement, games, and classroom transformations.

Must-read post: Who can’t relate to chilling out on the couch with cookies and Netflix on a Friday night?

Teaching in Teal

Why we love them: With a B.A. in Theater Arts, Bri doesn’t hesitate to break out into an impressive performance of a musical number!

Must-read post: She quotes a popular book to remind her followers to keep moving forward instead of living on a merry-go-round. 

Rocky Top Teacher

Why we love them: Sarah is a former 5th grade teacher who is currently an assistant principal with a lot to share!

Must-read post: This recent post celebrating the completion of her doctorate in education will leave you feeling inspired!

Top Floor Teachers

Why we love them: Quyen & Joe are teacher friends who love creating engaging and enriching activities for the classroom.

Must-read post: These besties found a way to enjoy National Bubble Tea Day together, even while social distancing!

Sassy Savvy Simple Teaching

fourth grade blogs

Why we love them: Dianna creates a modern learning environment through flexible seating and encouraging students to learn technology skills. 

Must-read post: Her hilarious Teacher Appreciation Week acceptance speech will make you want to stand up and clap (and laugh)!

Ms. Boyer’s Cabin

Why we love them: Ms. Boyer puts a huge emphasis on our ability to choose positivity and happiness, even during tough times.

Must-read post: She reminds us that our attitude matters and challengers us to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. 

Will Teach For Tacos

Why we love them: Chelsea is passionate about teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to love math and problem-solving! 

Must-read post: She gets real about the challenges of trying to find a dedicated workspace for teaching from home. 

Teach 2 Reach

Why we love them: Steph places an added emphasis on competency-based education and creating a calming learning environment. 

Must-read post: She got married and moved to a new grade in the same year. This sweet post talks about life’s transitions.

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14 Fabulous Fifth Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow