Meet the Fidget Ring…the Grown Up Version of a Pop It

Because sometimes teachers need to fidget, too.

Collage of fidget rings

Stress levels are at an all-time high for teachers. Finding anything that provides even a little soothing relief from the never-ending daily to-do lists can make a huge difference. Although something as simple as spinning a cute fidget ring won’t grade a stack of papers, handle emails and phone calls from parents, or cover the class down the hall for you on your planning break, it might help you take a moment to breathe and re-focus before your mind is the one doing all the spinning.

Fidget rings are a genius combination of classic fidget toys and functional jewelry. For one thing, they can be worn all the time, which makes them less likely to get lost in clutter when they’re not being used. Plus, there are so many gorgeous designs out there! From blinged out sparkles and sleek metals to spinning tops and interlocking bands, you’ll definitely be able to find a perfect fit.

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Sun, Moon, and Star Fidget Spinner Ring

Gold, silver, and black spinning fidget rings with sun, moon, and stars patterns

Reviewers rave that this ring isn’t just gorgeous, but spins super well, too. One customer delightfully refers to it as their “little dopamine dispenser.”

Buy it: Sun, Moon, and Star Fidget Spinner Ring

Adjustable Sterling Silver Bead Fidget Ring


Hand with silver beaded fidget rings

You can customize this flexible and adjustable ring with up to eight beads for your ideal fidget level.

Buy it: Adjustable Sterling Silver Bead Fidget Ring

Interlocking Fidget Ring

Hand with an interlocking fidget ring of three thin bands

These subtle bands are an especially discreet option you can shift around for a little stress relief.

Buy it: Interlocking Fidget Ring

Flower Anxiety Fidget Ring

Hand wearing fidget ring with spinning daisy top

How precious is this little daisy design? It has an adjustable band made of copper—and it’s 50% off right now!

Buy it: Flower Anxiety Fidget Ring

Rainbow Fidget Spinner Ring

Gold fidget ring with rainbow planet-shaped spinning top

This planet-shaped spinner ring comes in the lovely rainbow colors shown here, or you can go for a blue and green pattern.

Buy it: Rainbow Fidget Spinner Ring

Engraved Wide Band Fidget Anxiety Ring

Wide engraved fidget ring with thin outer bands

Happy customers love the attention to detail on this fidget spinner ring and describe it as “just plain beautiful.”

Buy it: Engraved Wide Band Fidget Anxiety Ring

Sparkly Spinning Fidget Rings

Gold rings with fake diamond and pearl spinning tops

Prepare to get tons of compliments with this glitzy fidget ring on your finger! Reviewers are just as happy with how well the top spins as they are with the beautiful design.

Buy it: Sparkly Spinning Fidget Rings

Cubic Zirconia Anxiety Spinner Ring

Gold fidget ring with cubic zirconia spinning top

Bling fans will also love this slightly more subtle gemstone spin on the sparkly fidget ring.

Buy it: Cubic Zirconia Anxiety Spinner Ring

King Will Intertwine Spinner Ring

Black fidget spinner ring with spinning chain center

You can spin the chain in the middle of this sleek style ring, which also comes in gold and silver options.

Buy it: King Will Intertwine Spinner Ring

Glitter Finish Spinner Ring

Set of 3 fidget spinner rings with a brushed glitter finish

Get all three of these sparkly spinner rings as a set and swap the rose gold, yellow gold, or iridescent styles, depending on your mood!

Buy it: Glitter Finish Spinner Ring

Mr. Pen Spiky Sensory Rings

Hand with multicolor spiky sensory rings on each finger

These aren’t the kind of fidget rings you’d likely wear around all the time, but they come in sets of 10 and make awesome classroom rewards for students.

Buy it: Mr. Pen Spiky Sensory Rings

Take a look at our favorite inexpensive DIY fidgets that are super easy to make.

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Meet the Fidget Ring...the Grown Up Version of a Pop It